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#514: A few days??

Here I asked rhetorically, "I wonder how long it'll be before I get to see episode 20." of Lovely Complex.

Love*Con ep 20 was posted by KissSub on Thursday. That's three days after they posted ep 19. Awesome! Thanks, guys!

Now all I have to do is wait for uTorrent to downloat it. Well, last time, all it took was me going and taking a shower, so I'll try that technique now. Heh.

Update, 10:45 AM:

It finished damn quick, again. It really helps when there are nearly 2,000 people seeding a torrent, I guess. Heh. Or maybe turning on my shower sets up a subspace field around the DSL link, making it download much faster than the speed of light would normally allow. I don't know.

Anyway, Love*Con ep 20 was awesome. And I know I'll have to wait to see ep 21 until sometime next week because it hasn't even been broadcast in Japan yet. *gusun* (sound effect of sniffling while crying)

In the meantime, I watched basically the same list I alluded to here, minus He Is My Master. I'm done with Hidamari Sketch and I may take some time to go back and re-watch it as a set (not all at one sitting, though!) and see if that helps my opinion of it any.

I"s skipped right over the "King Game" sequence. Drat and blast. Well, they have 6 episodes to tell the whole story--some things got cut, and the King Game takes up several chapters; adding setup and such would have made it into an entire episode, and since there are only 6, that was too much.

As of episode 4 they have gone past volume 7--which is as far as I've managed to get--and well into volume 8 of the manga. That's an average of two volumes of manga per episode, more or less, and they're pacing it very well, IMHO--as I said before I"s was in a manga weekly, and the translation to the OVA format was handled well.

Of course I have not seen the "extras" yet--I'm saving them for the end--and who knows what's in them?

Lucky Star started out good and is growing on me. Love GetChu is still entertaining. And I am currently downloading Doukuro-chan (because so many have denounced it) and Hayate no Gotoku because Wonderduck said it was stupid. :-p And Potemayo because I want to see Guchuko in action. And Amanaideyo! Katsu because I enjoyed the first series and want to see more Haruka-chan!

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