atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5155: Mr. Magoo, you're HAMANAA!!

So Mrs. Fungus and I just finished wathcing Spider-Man 2, the one with Tobey McGuire, which has been sitting on a shelf in its shrinkwrap since I bought it in 2005 or 2006 or whenever the hell I bought it.

So, for about a thousand years, some of the words in that old Spider-Man cartoon theme eluded me. No matter how many times I played the song, no matter how many times I tried to puzzle it out, I couldn't make sense of it. Here's what it sounded like:
Welcome friends!
He's at yours!
Action is his reward
Look out!
Here comes the Spider-Man!
Somewhere along the line I figured out that it was "wealth and fame" rather than "welcome friends", but the next line eluded me completely. So tonight the end credits are playing and some git is singing that theme slow and bluesy and finally I understand:
Wealth and fame
He's ignored!
Action is his reward
Look out!
Here comes the Spider-Man!
He's ignored! That makes perfect sense!

("Why didn't you just Google it?" My dear boy, the last time I thought about this, it was 1991. And I've had other things to worry about since then.)

"So," I told Mrs. Fungus after relating this tale of woe to her, "now about the time I'm on my deathbed I'll finally find out what Mr. Magoo says. 'Mr. Magoo,'" I said, doing my best Jim Backus, "'you're HAMANAA!!'"

And then I had to explain that at the end of the theme song for the Mr. Magoo cartoon, he says "Mr. Magoo, you're [unintelligible]," and repeated web searches have yielded no fruit. (So much for Google.)

Look, we've been up quite a while. I've been up since 7 AM, for crying out loud. And once I'd finished my explanation, we both began this lung-busting bout of laughter which (I was afraid) was not going to stop before dawn.

...the movie, by the way, was pretty good. Mrs. Fungus is of the opinion that I hadn't previously watched it because I was waiting for her to watch it with, and I'm willing to accept that notion because it appeals to me.

Somehow we manage to have a lot of fun together.

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