atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5156: How does it go up THIRTY-TWO CENTS A GALLON IN ONE DAY??????

This morning, on my way to work, I stopped to put a splash of fuel into the Jeep--$10 worth because that's all I could spare (payday is Friday)--and it cost me $2 a gallon. ($1.999). On my way home, gas had risen to $2.32 ($2.319) per gallon.


No one blew anything up, there's no obvious news from the middle east, and no one has said anything about a refinery going "poit" again.

Bet it's $2 in Indiana, though.


* * *

I'll say it again: if the GOP nominates someone--other than Trump--who actually ran in the primaries and got a plurality of the vote, I'll support him. (By that I mean Cruz since the other ones didn't get enough votes to be elected dog catcher.) If they nominate someone who didn't even run, I will vote Democrat. Because at least the Democrats are honest about ignoring the votes of the little people.

I am not kidding or even exaggerating about this. And I am not alone.

* * *

John F-in' Kerry is a huge idiot and we dodged a bullet when we re-elected Bush rather than elect that ridiculous gigolo. (Damn if that ain't the most apt description I ever heard for Kerry. Who did I steal that from, again?)

"What more can one say about John F. Kerry that even Hillary Clinton was a better Secretary of State?" Seriously, that just takes the cake.

* * *

Wisdom from Jerry Pournelle Start with "There's not a lot to say about the election:..." because prior to that it's all Windows 10 stuff. I want to blockquote the whole thing, it's so good, but instead I'll have you go over there and read it. It's worth the time.

* * *

It's physically impossible, but I really, REALLY want the EM drive to work. I want it to work so bad I can taste it.

Look: the ability to push out thirty kilonewtons of thrust for a kilowatt of power expended--the theoretical specific impulse of an EM drive--means a lot of things, including flying cars even if we don't get Mr. Fusion first. Because you can generate a kilowatt of power with a two horsepower engine, more or less (2 HP is about 1500w) and we routinely build cars with a lot more power than that. It means "cheap access to space" because an airtight box with a single hybrid jet/rocket engine--not for thrust, but connected to a generator to make electricity!--would have enough power to boost stuff into orbit.

Of course, if the EM drive works, it means we have to rewrite a lot of physics. But that's what makes it so exciting.

* * *

I just made Mrs. Fungus laugh out loud by saying, "Mr. Magoo, you're cyclobenzaprine!"

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