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#5159: Noah couldn't find the unicorns.

Did he check Siberia? I don't think he checked Siberia. More of a rhinoceros than a horse, of course, but if we apply the questionable standards of evidence that some science worshippers use whenever a new hominid fossil is discovered, ZOMBWTFBBQ THIS PROVES NOAH EXISTED

...these things roamed the Earth 29,000 years ago, which probably makes its extinction antediluvian.

* * *

A recession is coming! No. What's happening is the Greater Depression is getting worse. We are in a depression which started in 2008 and has continued unabated to this day.

* * *

40,000 Verizon union babies go on strike.
There should be no major difference when you call Verizon Wireless or go into a retail store with questions about your cellphone bill, data usage or upgrading to a new smartphone, for example.
Except what will happen is that instead people trying to get help with wireline services will call VZW hoping that the hapless VZW phone rep can do something to help them, when in fact the VZW pukes (self included) don't even have access to prepaid cell phone accounts let alone FIOS or landline accounts. Not even if you get all your comm services from Verizon.

Down in the comments a union guy starts complaining about Verizon's 1.8 billion in profit, and then says, "Just to keep the current contract that we have now would only cost 1 billion for FIVE fucking years!!!!" So, why is the union doing this if the current contract will do?
The unions say they are trying to improve pension benefits and prevent Verizon from outsourcing jobs to contractors.
The union is trying to improve benefits and the company wants to reduce them. If the union is unwilling simply to settle for status quo, that's going to be at least half the problem and most of the reason they're going on strike.

Corporations exist to make profits, not to employ union workers.

...loving the comments at that post, though. Loving them.

* * *

"You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you." Miranda warning, second clause. It's a constitutional right.
Judge Hunter concluded his ruling with these words. "The defendants' constitutional rights are not contingent upon budget demands, waiting lists, and the failure of the legislature to adequately fund indigent defense….We are not faced with a fundamental question, not only in New Orleans, but across Louisiana: What kind of criminal justice system do we want? One based on fairness or injustice, equality of prejudice, efficiency or chaos, right or wrong?"
I think judge Hunter is doing exactly the right thing, here. Otherwise, we are looking at show trials and the gulag.

* * *

Are you becoming blactose intolerant? I like this part the best:
You know what’s damned funny about all this? We aren’t the ones with low emotional tolerance for discussing topics of race. SJWs are! Everytime a white man dares to leave his ideological reservation for even a second, he is rabidly denounced, pounced upon by legions of Social Justice Warriors intent on outdoing one another in virtue signalling. I’m not fragile, you are.


The term ["white fragility"] was coined by an idiot shit-for-brains with the IQ of a bag of hammers. If you call somebody a racist, and are then surprised when that person *GASP* defends themselves from the charge, you have no business calling yourself a doctor of anything. Take your PhD and wipe your ass with it after a bout with leftover Taco Bell, because it’s clearly not worth anything.
I was going to write some more stuff here, then go on and blockquote the concluding paragraphs, but I changed my mind. You should go read this. It's all 100% dead on correct.

* * *

Dinner on Monday night was eggs on toast, because it's simple and tasty and filling. I cook bacon, then do the eggs over easy in the bacon grease. I put butter on the toast--I haven't used margarine since Mom died. More and more I conclude that these are the healthiest meals we eat. Except for the bread.

Don't bother prescribing statins, doc; I won't take them. I'll cut carbs out of my diet instead.

* * *

Part 39,345: the H1B visa program must be curtailed. Here's hoping Trump gets elected and guts this shit.
April 22 is the last day of work for nearly 200 American workers at Abbott Laboratories, the pharmaceutical giant founded by Chicago doctor Wallace C. Abbott in 1888. The company sacked some of its most high-skilled workers in February to make way for H-1B and L-1 visa replacements from Indian offshore outsourcing firm Wipro.

One Abbott worker, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation, told me: "We were given an agreement which basically says that in order to get compensation you must sign away your rights to sue or disparage the company. I have 3 small children and a wife to provide for — I have nowhere to go because of the H1-B visa loopholes" that "every major company" is exploiting.
Foreign workers are much cheaper than Americans, and the H1B process is effectively streamlined to allow companies to replace their American cadre en masse without incurring too much expense or legal trouble.

This needs to be stopped.

* * *

Sex is not a matter of opinion, but a biological fact, and the sooner we re-acknowledge that FACT the better off our society will be.

* * *

This is what passes for debate from the anti-gun idiots.
Me: what if fairy tale characters were safe?
Brady campaign: what if they shot themselves in the face?
Because the obvious answer to Hansel and Gretel having firearms is for Alice to shoot herself in the face! Everybody knows that whenever a kid gets his hands on a gun he'll immediately shoot himself with it!


* * *

Last night I added some pages to Tales from the Rufus--about four--and the story has taken a more serious, darker tone as the characters have discovered what sort of fate has truly befallen their friend. I said, last year (or, no, in 2014) that I burned down the Rufus, and although the humor came back for a bit it's now gotten considerably less light as the characters discuss what's to be done. I'm going to have to get back to the breezy tone once they set out on their quest, but for the moment I'm not dissatisfied with how it's developing.

I've got some other serious scenes lined up, too. It develops that the female lead styles herself a warrior maiden, and has been secretly training with sword and shield...and that illusion lasts approximately as long as it takes for her to encounter a real warrior, who--fortunately--is more interested in the contents of her purse than the contents of her pants, wanting to take her money rather than her life. (The male lead is, of course, spectacularly useless in a fight, being a low-level mage.)

Meanwhile, their stricken comrade has shown tht he has a noble side--and it fits perfectly, which doesn't really surprise me.

The entire story continues to be narrated by the cat, of course, in a disdainful tone. Ultimately I do expect it to be a good story, and a fun read; that's what I care about.

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