atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5160: Well, how nice. It's the greatest adventure!

So, today we had a pretty good day together, Mrs. Fungus and I, and for the first time in quite a while we didn't have our day together while running 450,000 errands. When you're married and you both work the kind of schedules we work, it's hard to have time just to be together, so usually we have to be together while getting our weekend chores done. We usually do not have the luxury of just sitting around all day and doing nothing together.

Instead she stayed home and worked on her homework, while I went to the store, and picked up dinner--I was gone perhaps forty-five minutes--and then we watched The Hobbit (Rankin-Bass animated version, which I found while cleaning the basement) and ate hot wings, then went and got ice cream and finished watching the movie. It's definitely better than the Peter Jackson trilogy-o-bloat.

After the movie ended, I went out to the driveway and finally got the exhaust flange gasket installed and lock nuts put on, so I can finally stop worrying about it all coming apart on me and one of those bolts ending up in a tire. I'm still going to have to tear it apart again sometime soon to have the hanger welded up, but it's not critical and can wait for nicer weather.

Today was pretty nice, though a bit chilly.

Besides that, I had a gander at the Arduino clone kit again. Last week I took the 8x8 display out and fiddled around with it, just seeing how to make the lights go on, but this week I delved a bit into the electronics in the kit to see what's what. There's a loose IC in there, a 24-pin package which turns out to be an LED driver--primarily a 7-segment display driver, it's meant to drive up to 8 7-segment displays, but can also be used to drive the 8x8 matrix display. The ultrasonic range finder appears to be a common part, and works by sending out eight short pulses and then listening for their return; that's going to be kind of nifty to fiddle with.

This kit has some serious possibilities.

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