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#5161: Mandatory overtime!

From little or no overtime available, now suddenly it's mandatory that we do 5 hours of it a week, starting tomorrow--and if absenteeism is as bad this weekend as it has been in the past, it'll go to 10 hours of mandatory overtime a week. My team lead expects us to have 10 hours of mandatory overtime going forward, because weekend absenteeism (especially payday weekends, like this one) flirts with 30%, especially when the weather is it is supposed to be this weekend.

There are going to be some people who are unhappy about this, but I am not upset. I need the money. Ten hours of overtime each week will help, a lot; that's 20 hours of overtime per paycheck.

This is almost like a miraculous response to a prayer; I was thinking the other day that if there was some way I could just get out in front of the bills and stuff, I might be able to do some other things, like get the truck fixed properly. And then I come in to work today to hear this news. It's going to suck having to answer phones for another hour or two per day, but the money....

* * *

Fairy tales are older than anyone really thought they were. Try some of them dating back to the Bronze Age. Dang.

* * *

UFO battle over Nuremburg on April 14th, 1561! That's what it sounds like to me. What we need to do is get a time machine and a bunch of video cameras. Maybe mount them on some helicopters.

...only to find ourselves fighting against other, similarly-equipped tourists, up in the air over Nuremburg, for the best places to record the event.

You see where this is going.

* * *

McCarthy was a hero.
...[E]very single soul accused by McCarthy, Soviet records released to the West now show, was in fact a paid Soviet spy, and McCarthy killed no one, harmed no one, robbed no one. On the other hand Mao killed more people than live in the United Kingdom plus live in Portugal (circa 79 million). The cash value of how much property and labor was extorted by force from the Chinese people under Mao’s reign no historian has calculated.
Socialism always kills, always enslaves. It never, never, ever results in more freedom or more economic opportunity.

* * *

A parody which is perfectly in character:

I can remember when I didn't like Gordon Ramsay. How things change.

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