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#5164: Daddy, did he--

In the OJ Simpson trial miniseries, which has now ended, there is a flashback to when Johnny Cochrane was an assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles. He's taking his daughters out for treats when he gets pulled over by a motorcycle cop.

Instead of being respectful to the cop, he mouths off: "I know the drill! I'm a black man driving a nice car in a white neighborhood! Just check my license so I can get on with my day!" and of course the cop puts him in cuffs, because no matter what color your skin is it's a poor choice to get angry and yell at a police officer.

Anyway, the cop checks his license, takes off the cuffs and apologizes. Cochrane gets back into the car.

One of his daughters asks mournfully, "Daddy? Did he call you a nigger?"

"He didn't have to, honey."

Well, for one thing, the cop would've put anyone in cuffs who mouthed off to him like Cochrane did in that scene. For another, cops pull people over for no reason all the time, not just "driving while black"; ask a teenage boy in a muscle car how many times he's been stopped.

It was a silly scene. I don't know what it was supposed to have to do with anything; maybe it was an explanation for why Cochrane had such a racist chip on his shoulder. I don't know.

They portrayed Cochrane as a real tool, too, in that show.

* * *

Speaking of "real tools" I've had enough of that f-ing hot water smelling like rotten eggs. I'm going to go get a firkin' electric impact wrench and get that f-ing anode out so I can stop this crap. Holy shit.

* * *

I have one more 9-hour day to get through, and then it's my weekend...and I can relax. Except for the water heater and the Jeep's exhaust, both of which I AM SICK TO DEATH OF FUCKING WITH EVERY DAMNED WEEK.

The water heater--I talked about that. The Jeep's exhaust: the damned pipe won't stay on the spacer I made, so I'm going to get some radiator clamps and clamp it to the spacer as a way of keeping the f-ing thing put until I have time and money to get the exhaust pipe fixed properly. The result, though, is that the Jeep is louder than it should be, and the exhaust is rattling strangely. I hope I don't have to spend all my overtime money on fixing the damned exhaust system, because that would suck.


* * *

The first digital camera used a decapped DRAM chip as a sensor and an oscilloscope in X-Y mode as the display.

* * *

I don't know how I'll get through tomorrow. Today I was really tired. On the plus side, I don't have to be at work at 9 AM today; I won't even wake up before 10. That'll do.


Mrs Fungus asked me: "Did you write in your blog about all the things you had to do today? Work overtime, do our taxes, clean the cat box, fix my car's AC, and give me a dickin'?"

Me: "Well, I wasn't going to, but I guess I will now...."

Did the taxes with Turbotax's online system. It was relatively quick and painless, though it cost a bit more than I'd hoped; plus side is, it was a damned sight less than HR Block would have charged us, and just as good a job. Win.

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