atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5165: That's because gravity is an emergent property of four-dimensional spacetime, not a force.

It merely acts like a force.

The Earth is not subject to the sun's gravity; it does not circle the sun. The Earth moves in a straight line through space which is curved by the sun's mass.

Occam's Razor: if the force of gravity doesn't fit with the rest of physics, it just might be because it's not a force at all.

Think about it.

* * *

The above is today's quotient of "what if?", completely free of charge, and is presented merely as a hypothetical topic for discussion.

* * *

UN caused the cholera epidemic in Haiti because they're here to help so they don't need to worry about the little details like proper camp sanitation and keeping their sewage out of the water supply and things like that.

* * *

And none of the people taking kickbacks are exactly Republicans, know what I mean?

* * *

This article contains some interesting information on why oil prices collapsed.

* * *

I really, really love it: "Seems the Sanders campaign isn't very happy about this:..." I should think not, having old Bernie's profile as the latest in a series of muderous socialist dictators. Lenin, Stalin, Mao--those three killed some 90,000,000 people in the 20th century, you know, all inspired by the first two in that lineup, Marx and Engels. Yeah.

I can see why the Sanders campaign doesn't like the comparison, but I do. I like that comparison!

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