atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5168: I hope Whole Foods wins, and wins big.

Whole Foods is taking legal action against the asshat who added "fag" to the cake he paid them to decorate.

Short version: gay guy goes into Whole Foods and orders a cake with "love wins" written on it. He picks up the cake, pays for it, goes home, then posts a video showing that his cake says "LOVE WINS" across the top and has the word "FAG" added in the middle. He then decries the homophobia of Whole Foods and the further homophobia of our entire culture and files a lawsuit against Whole Foods for discrimination.

5 Tips for SJW Fraudsters explains quite neatly the mistakes made by this dickhead.

These shitsticks have to do things like this because the incidence of actual bigoted acts is fairly small. Again: nearly all such reported events have turned out to be hoaxes or misreported (Matthew Shepard falls into the latter category) and as the latter link makes plain it is the other side which has had its civil rights truncated or eliminated, always in the name of "tolerance".

So I hope Whole Foods refuses to settle out of court but instead takes this douchebag to the cleaners. There need to be consequences for doing shit like this.

Especially for "The Stupidest Man on the Face of the Earth".

* * *

"You're a victim becase WE SAY you're a victim!" And you're too stupid to know you've been victimized!

A guy and a girl have sex. The girl repeatedly insists that it was consensual, and in fact the couple have had other trysts. The university, however, claims to know better, and expelled the guy.

Oh, he was never arrested, nor was he ever charged or tried for rape in the courts. No, because if they took a case like this to the police, the cops would shrug and say, "Look, if the woman wants to press charges then we can arrest him, but if she says it wasn't rape, there's nothing we can do." But university administrators know better! That girl was raped and it's up to them to avenge her!

...or some shit like that. No, it doesn't make sense to me, either. I'm glad the guy is suing them all. I hope he and his lawyer walk out of that courtroom very rich men.

* * *

This guys needs psychiatric care. Threatening to kill yourself if someone wins the Presidency--that's an obvious cry for help.

* * *

State of decay.

* * *

Powdered metals are just an energy storage medium. Sure, you can burn powdered metals to make electricity, but why? No conversion is 100% efficient. And you have to put energy in to get the powdered metal out; so that's two conversions for the price of one. (Actually, it's two conversions for the price of three, speaking thermodynamically, because you can't win and you can't break even.)

* * *

"Fool! Did no one ever tell you that gagh is best served live?"


* * *

Flashback to 1986:

I was just sitting here a moment ago, enjoying the peaceful early afternoon. The windows are open and it's a pleasant spring day; I was listening to the birds chirping and watching the daffodils waving gently in the breeze, when someone shattered the tranquility, driving by with his car stereo on too loud. It was playing "Hotel California" and the entire neighborhood wasn't inundated with bass. I could not hear the stereo before he was in sight, and did not hear it for very long thereafter.

Never thought I would miss that, but when you compare the asshats of old with modern asshats you must conclude that the old-style ones were a crapton less obnoxious.

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