atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5169: Monkeys gonna act like monkeys.

A bunch of monkeys threaten Donald Trump with a rap song. I say "monkeys" because rap music is the sonic equivalent of a monkey shitting in its hand and throwing it. The title of this particular simian bowel movement is "Fuck Donald Trump"--stunning in its eloquence! The song is addressed directly to Trump himself, speaking to him in the second person, and somehow ends up referring to him as a "nigga" when it says "Fuck, nigga! Fuck you!" The poster adds:
Violent, illiterate, moronic thugs threatening to assassinate a duly-elected president–openly, brazenly, with full-bore Moron Pride and gangsta swagger and no fear of repercussion, from the Secret Service or anyone else. Ladies and gents, I give you your modern Democrat Socialist Party, in the very flesh.
That's it, right there.

So here "nigga" is used--how? Donald Trump is not black; how can he be a "nigga"? Is it supposed to be a perjorative, or is it supposed to be a replacement for "man", in which case how can it be anything other than a simple noun?

...and like checking for fiber, trying to find sense and logic in monkey shit is waste of time.

* * *

Obama promised Saudi Arabia he'll veto the bill calling for an investigation of that country's role in 9/11, and is promptly snubbed by their leadership when he visits. That's because Obama is a jerk no one likes.

After all, he's been President for seven years and now no one knows which bathroom to use.

* * *

Yeah, people who have things to do are beginning to get tired of this horseshit. That's two posts from the same blog; guess I'd better add them to the blogroll.

* * *

Man, today's just evaporated. I managed to get a shower, and if I'm very lucky I should be able to get the dishes washed. Otherwise, I've done nothing and do not regret it at all.

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