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#5173: Motorcycles are proof God loves us and wants us to be happy.

SDB talks about Bakuon and one character's encounter with a not-at-all disguised Jesus. The halo and the crown of thorns painted on the helmet--not to mention the robes, the Holy Grail, etc--I mean, come on.

I have to say it's an interesting inclusion in a Japanese production.

Then again the Japanese don't get bent out of shape over stupid crap the way at lot of Americans do, so they find it easy to be respectful towards other ideas. (As long as you leave them alone, that is.)

* * *

Here is the infamous German forklift safety video which is hilarious. It's embedded there, between two other safety videos.

* * *

The town without a police force. (Autoplay video warning.) Home to 1,200 people in summer and 700 in winter, how much do you want to bet that the cessation of a police force will have little to no effect on the crime rate there?

* * *

President Lame Duck is delusional again. As usual: "We Are Fortunate to Be Living in the Most Peaceful...Era in Human History," quoth Boss Tweek, even as he plans to send more special ops guys to Syria to help with the war there. (If "help" is the word.)

Sure, it's an unprecedented era of peace and harmony...except for all the wars and saber rattling and unrest and terrorism. *rolleyes*

Then again I should not be surprised by this. We live in a growth economy as long as you don't count the unemployment. And, hey! As long as you don't count all the things that are experiencing inflation, there's no inflation, either! Education has never been better, except for all the functional illiterates turned out by our schools, and no one is starving anywhere in the world, except for the people who are starving.

Yep, we live in a utopia unknown to previous generations! long as you ignore all the shit.

If a Republican President had emitted a fatuous load like that, the press would crucify him.

* * *

Vox Day matches wits with a half-wit.

Half-wit: "I love being able to back up what I say with hard evidence, peer reviewed scientific consensus."

Here's the problem with that: "peer reviewed scientific consensus" doesn't mean beans. In 1899, all physicists agreed that the luminiferous aether was a real and necessary part of physical law. It was a fluid that filled the universe, had zero viscosity, and was virtually indetectable, but it was absolutely necessary for light (and radio waves) to propagate. The waves had to exist in something, and the aether was it. Aether had to have zero viscosity because otherwise it would blow the atmosphere off Earth (hint: Earth has an atmosphere) and also slow the planets in their orbits until they hit the Sun (hint: there are planets). Any argument against the existence of aether was (or would have been, at any rate) met with derision and ignored, because the aether had to exist in order for light waves to propagate. There was concensus on this point, and physics papers published in the journals all proceeded from the assumption that the luminiferous aether--while not yet detected--was a physical fact of the universe.

Of course, there is no luminiferous aether. It doesn't exist, and it never has. The concensus was wrong.

Prior to the invention of the Big Bang, our universe existed in a steady state. It had always existed, period. Then Hubble came along and showed that the universe is expanding, and so then the universe had always existed in this constantly-expanding state; and because there was observable mass in it, other than our galaxy, it was concluded that the "stretching" of space-time caused hydrogen to pop into existence in the vast emptiness, leading to the formation of galaxies etc. Physicists agreed that this was so. They had concensus.

Our best theory now states that the universe exploded (from something) and if you present another theory you're labeled a crackpot, exactly the way you would have been labeled one in 1955 (for talking about the big bang) or in 1899 (for talking about photons).

"Peer-reviewed scientific consensus" is not an indication of fact. It's an indication of what everyone thinks is fact, which is not the same thing. Peer review in particular is no guarantee of certitude, as most of the time the "review" in question consists mainly of proofreading. Certainly a lot of the science (or "science") done to generate those papers is not replicated--replication is rarely attempted, much less achieved--but since a bunch of peers sign off on it, suddenly it's truth?

If you could get a hundred scientists to agree that the Laws of Thermodynamics were wrong, it would not mean that the Laws of Thermodynamics were, in fact, wrong.

* * *

Socialism is how it begins. Venezuela sits atop one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and should be able to make money hand over fist...and all it took to ruin it utterly was the socialist dictator Chavez.


From yesterday, the link I couldn't read--it's not just Venezuela. It's California, too...and then people wonder why I don't want to move there.

End addendum

* * *

Comedian utterly demolishes SJW hecklers. I'd like to see the whole thing, the start of the asininity from the hecklers, and so on. Well, the rant itself is epic and worth watching.

* * *

Today I have a bunch of stuff to do. As usual. I suppose I should get after it. *sigh*

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