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#5174: Ahh, what a lovely day.

No, not the weather; the weather was shit. Cold (forties) and winds from the north and no fun outdoors.

We went to the Shedd Aquarium today, as we've been planning for weeks, specifically to see the amphibian exhibit--but also to see the rest of it, because we like animals and critters.

Because of today's trip I now know that the soft, continuous trilling I hear at night in summer comes from the American toad. The frogs I hear in springtime, the ones Mom called "peepers", are (I believe) cricket frogs, tiny little things about the size of your thumb. Pretty neat.

We saw a bunch of other things, as well, including an octopus, penguins, otters, and these odd fish which look like blades of grass. They're built to swim with their heads pointing down!

Then, our feet hurting, we went to Navy Pier and walked along it, thinking we might take a boat ride, but it was too cold and it began raining to boot, so we gave up on that idea and went home.

Lovely day. Absolutely lovely. And that was after we had one yesterday, where we ate sushi and watched the Charlie Brown movie, the computer-generated one, which was actually really good.

* * *

LOL: at 4m28s one of the guys says, "Hey, don't spill my soup."

I guess when you're in a 412,000 lb locomotive, you don't worry much about a tornado.

* * *

So, I said yesterday (or the day before?) that I wanted to see what prompted Crowder to go off on that epic rant.

I was wrong. Princess Hamhock looks like Chris Farley in drag.

Here's more at AoSHQ, including a video of the whole panel.

And here's where AoSHQ talks about Princess Hamhock.

* * *

Extra CO2 in atmosphere good for plants, econazis claim effect "diminishes over time". Yeah, because of course plants just get tired of their primary freakin' nutrient. That's like saying that Rosie O'Donnel gets tired of ice cream, you know?

* * *

Speaking of the climate nazis, Global warming hits Britain extra-hard this spring with freezing temperatures and snow.

* * *

SDB talks about grapefruit-sized hail. Do you know how much a chunk of ice the size of a grapefruit weighs?

* * *

Socialism's endgame: Venezuela can't afford to print new money. They have officially run out of "other peoples' money" per Margaret Thatcher.

* * *

Trump is hitting all the right notes. If we can actually do even half of what he promises here, it'll be an amazing time.

Bonus points if the usual commie-lib suspects make good on their promises this time. There's always a bunch of creeps who say, "If [Republican] wins I'm leaving the US!" but they NEVER! make good on their promises! Damn it, I know you can't trust a Democrat to stick to his word, but must they tease us like this? WTF!
But they won’t do it. These whimpering asswipes always threaten the same thing every election cycle that has a Republican running in it; I’ve been mocking them here for it since the Dubya days, and not one of them has ever actually followed through on it, more’s the pity.
...because that would be all efforty and shit, right?

* * *

2018? Really? SpaceX tweet says they're sending a Dragon capsule to Mars "as soon as" 2018. For damned sure NASA isn't bothering to land things on other worlds any longer; someone's got to keep the flame burning.

* * *

Take a $1,500 TV, put it in a new box, and sell it for $4,800! Yeah! Dad always said it best: "A fool and his money are soon parted."


* * *

Pics from the aquarium!

Looks like Pen-Pen from Evangelion; first time I ever saw a real one like that.

Now I know why nothing at that cafe had prices on it. I think this cookie cost $4; two of these and a bottle of Coke Zero were $12 with tax.

A rare blue lobster.

An eel. He was posing for pictures.

The anemones were interesting. Should have gotten pics of the jeweled anemone exhibits, where the bottom of the aquarium was covered with tiny anemones.

I actually never saw a real octopus before, not alive and moving. Most cool.

Mrs. Fungus thought this cane toad was adorable. It was huge, too, about five or six inches across.

Saw a lot more than that, of course, but these are some highlights. We had a great time, too.

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