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#5176: And I just sigh and shake my head in resignation.

So today, I was on my way to work. Had to stop for gas, and on my way to the highway I was passed by a guy on a motorcycle. It was a sportbike of unknown providence, but based on the exhaust note I figured cheap Chinese bike because it didn't sound smooth enough to be Japanese. And it sounded like a 250, to boot. (There are Japanese 250 cc sport bikes, but they sound a hell of a lot nicer and smoother than this thing did. It sounded like a dirt bike.)

Anyway, he goes rocketing past me, and then I saw the printing on the back of his jacket:

OFF large, unfriendly letters.

Me: *sigh*

I wasn't even offended by it; I was just dismayed: This is how far our society has fallen.

Used to be even if there was some self-styled tough guy motoring around town on a bike, he wouldn't dare have any profanity written on his clothing lest he attract the attention of the cops, who would explain to him in words of one syllable why he isn't allowed to ride around with a billboard advertising his four-letter vocabulary, at least not in this town.

I suppose the cretin thought he was being edgy and cool, but all he's really doing is proclaiming his--and our society's--utter intellectual bankruptcy.

And that's why I was dismayed.

* * *

Speaking of gas prices--WTF, guys, nothing has changed in the damned oil market except the price yet gas has gone up $0.25 in the last 24 hours. Shit.

Oh, of course! How stupid of me! OPEC is going to open the taps, so right now we have to raise prices!

Oh, but now they're falling again, because reasons.

* * *

Oxford, let us remind you, is the world’s second oldest extant university. Scholars have been studying here since at least the 11th century. We’ve played a major part in the invention of Western civilisation, from the 12th century intellectual renaissance through the Enlightenment and beyond. Our alumni include William of Ockham, Roger Bacon, William Tyndale, John Donne, Sir Walter Raleigh, Erasmus, Sir Christopher Wren, William Penn, Samuel Johnson, Robert Hooke, William Morris, Oscar Wilde, Emily Davison, Cardinal Newman. We’re a big deal. And most of the people privileged to come and study here are conscious of what a big deal we are. Oxford is their alma mater – their dear mother – and they respect and revere her accordingly.

And what were your ancestors doing in that period? Living in mud huts, mainly. Sure we’ll concede you the short lived Southern African civilisation of Great Zimbabwe. But let’s be brutally honest here. The contribution of the Bantu tribes to modern civilisation has been as near as damn it to zilch.
Emphasis mine, because damn.

* * *

When will Obama pardon Hillary? A good question. If it does not happen before the election, it'll happen before January 20th of next year. Count on it.

* * *

Does this mean we can start a "White Lives Matter" movement? Because if cops shoot more unarmed whites than blacks, you do know what that means, don't you?

* * *

Target is stupid, which is why they're winning such a stupid prize.
Just this week, a biological man was arrested after allegedly secretly filming a woman trying on bathing suits in a Target dressing room in Missouri.
But transsexuals wouldn't do that! They're just trying to be themselves! We have to give perverts every opportunity to be perverts in order to accommodate a vanishingly small fraction of the population!

Og rebuts.

* * *

"Many of the things that allowed people to get through the last great depression will not save them this time."

* * *

The divine flash of creation happens every time a sperm cell fertilizes an egg. Let there be light!

* * *

#EucharistProblems. Yeah!

And Camilla Paglia FTW: "If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still all be living in grass huts." A woman said it! I'm just quoting her!

* * *

Man, I've got to go to bed soon. Early day tomorrow!

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