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#5177: Because people aren't dumb enough to believe it.

"Knowledge of climate change basics doesn’t make people care," complains this Arse Technica headline.

See post title for why this is so. Twenty plus years of insisting "the science is settled!" has coincided rather neatly with about eighteen years of no warming even as CO2 concentrations continued to climb. The theory is wrong.

And the problem is not just limited to climatology. "There is a veritable truckload of bullshit in science." So the people who get all erect and spoogy over sciency stuff should probably take a cold shower, because it's not the do-all-be-all.
Now we are at a critical juncture. The conservatives who clean the crap out of the sewer lines and lay the foundations upon which buildings will be erected, that will house all sorts of publicly funded liberal-egghead think tanks, have come to the unpleasant realization that previous generations never quite learned: They have to make the time for politics. They’ve got to attend to it, as if it’s yet another chicken with eggs not yet gathered, otherwise everything else they’ve done is for nothing. They’ve got to write the code that works, they’ve got to build the diesel engines that successfully contain the explosions, they’ve got to manufacture the action boxes for 9mm pistols that don’t rupture under the stress, and do all the other things that liberals can never do. Then, they have to participate in politics like the liberals do. And the conservatives have to grow all our food.

Can you imagine a liberal being a potato farmer? It would never work. He would decide “this soil is good for growing potatoes,” and then he would do what liberals do all the time: Promulgate the narrative. The very last thing to figure into his actions would be the lingering question of whether or not the soil is any good…and come harvest time, there’d be no potatoes. If you want a big bundle of excuses about how everything is Republicans’ fault, liberals are your guys. Or, gals, or zhers or whatever. But if you want something to actually work then that’s not where you go. It’s not their bag, baby.

If liberals ever toil away under any sort of standard, their first move is to re-negotiate the standard. They’re so busy re-defining things, they’ve made themselves into strangers to the concept of ever getting any actual work done.

So conservatives have to make things work…food that can really be eaten, code that can really be run, combustion chambers that really do contain explosions…then they have to make time to argue with liberals who don’t have to worry about any of that. Wrestle with the pigs in the mud.
That's the problem with climatology: it doesn't work. It can't work. But the people pushing that narrative keep trying to force it down everyone's throats, even though it's bleeding obvious that it's horseshit.

* * *

The fall of the USSR in 1991 came as a complete surprise to everyone except, perhaps, the Soviet Politburo itself. China won't make the same mistakes.

...which is to say China might be tottering on the brink of collapse, clearing the way for a post-communist economy similar to Russia's, which wouldn't be too bad--but we'd never know it beforehand because they're commies and they don't tell the truth about anything, let alone their internal economic numbers. Same with the USSR: we took their numbers at face value but they were about 90% bullshit.

Which reminds me, strangely enough, of the US' economic numbers, which are also 90% bullshit right now....

* * *

Yes, blacks can be--and are--racist.
A Rhodes Scholar and leader in a black activist group at Oxford University posted a Facebook status in which he boasts of stiffing a white waitress on a tip as revenge for colonialism.
Yeah, you're really brave, standing up to that working-class woman like that. You sure showed her, didn't you? You know how to fight the power!

What a dickhead.

* * *

Speaking of which-- the second image is most apt. "Waves Mexican flag, doesn't want to live in Mexico".

They love Mexico so much they want to live in the US, and will fight tooth and nail to avoid being sent back to Mexico. Yeah.

* * *

SpaceX FTW. I keep saying it. They have developed everything they need to land a Dragon capsule on Mars. They can do it.

Which is a hell of a lot more than NASA can say.

Og has a post on his Facebook page, a picture of a full space shuttle ready for launch looking like a mesa with a cowboy in front. The picture bears the legend, "It's who we were." It's sad as hell.

I keep thinking about a similar image, a guy standing in front of the Saturn V lawn ornament down in Houston, looking sad, with that same caption. Holy shit.

At least SpaceX is doing something useful.

* * *

I agree. America First! There's nothing inherently wrong with that, any more than it's wrong for a German to say "Germany First", or a Kenyan to say "Kenya First", or whatever. I'm an American and I want my country to be great again, not the gelded shithole it's becoming.

* * *

The only correction I'd make here is to say "sexes" rather than "genders" but otherwise it's spot on.

* * *

Tonight I replaced the Jeep's left-side headlight. It blew yesterday, so on my way home from work I stopped at the parts store with a $5 off coupon and got a new headlight. At least this time I didn't get pulled over by the cops, and I was able to replace the bulb while sitting in the garage, out of the wind and the rain.

So both headlights have been replaced, now, and I paid just $14 for the pair of them thanks to my continued patronage of O'Reilly Auto parts, and their thoughtful and useful coupons. (Unlike Ace Hardware's useless crap coupons.) It would have been about $24 for the pair, otherwise.

Very tired tonight--that late night Friday followed by an early day Saturday is pretty harsh--but I'm in relatively good spirits and have just two days left in my week. I think that'll be okay.

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