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#5178: I know I no longer identify that way.

Vox Day discusses how a lot of people who formerly identified themselves as "conservative" no longer do.

Myself, I'm a lot closer to "alt-right" than to "conservative", especially since most of the aristocracy describes George Bush (either one) and Mitt Romney as "conservative". "Traditionalist or Nationalist works better anyhow," Vox Day says in a response to a comment, and I think that's good enough for me; I've always been a Traditionalist.

And there are more of us than Republicans. The thing is Trump is the GOP's last chance; if they muff this they're done for.

* * *

UNEXPECTED CHEDDAR would be a great band name.

* * *

WATCH WHAT YOU WISH FOR BECAUSE YOU MAY GET IT NO GOD PLEASE MAKE IT STOP More about Princess Truckload, the commie-lib Hutt that interrupted that talk where the comedian delivered that epic rant.

* * *

I have two words: Falcon Heavy.

It's the next f-ing Saturn V.

One of these can boost the Red Dragon capsule into a Mars transfer orbit.
Concept to initial test firing of a 1,500,000 pound thrust vehicle booster in two years. That was early NASA. That’s when NASA was run by scientists and engineers and staffed by technicians who were veterans of WWII weapons and aircraft development and early jet aircraft development. They conceived an idea, refined and designed it, then went out about building and testing it right away. That approach is how we went from monoplanes to the SR-71 in twenty years. That is how we went from an idea for a heavy lift space vehicle in 1957 to men walking on the moon in 1969, twelve years later. SpaceX is run by the kind of people that used to run NASA. And the development work is paid for by the profits from the commercial side of their business.
For damned sure. Yes.

...and how about $750 per pound to Low Earth Orbit? The Falcon's main American competitor (Delta IV Heavy) can manage it for eight times as much.

This is made of awesome.

* * *

"it’s hard to socially & politically indoctrinate kids if they’re welding". Damn right.

* * *

Today was a long, excruciating day. We had a queue the whole day and everyone on the planet was either stupid or angry. (Or both.) But my Thursday is over and now I just need to get through my Friday...and then on my Saturday maybe I can cut some grass and do something about the smelly hot water.

It's a party!

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