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#5188: Weekend!!

So today was a long day, made shorter by two meetings and a training! ...which is to say I had a bit more than two hours of not answering phones while I was in meetings or learning stuff. The coaching got pushed back to Thursday, but I don't mind that one bit.

Calls were calls. People are idiots.

* * *

Trump has the right enemies, which is why I'm for Trump. Also, the bonus points! ...which won't come to pass because the asshats never actually do leave the country.

* * *

I learned today that absenteeism over the past weekend was stunningly bad. Let me put it this way: when your workforce is several hundred people yet you can express absenteeism as a fraction with a very small number in the denominator (as in "more than two but not a lot more") there is something seriously wrong.

You'd expect people to be held accountable for missing so much work--and I mean five, six, seven days a month!--but if they started firing everyone who called off too much, there'd be about half a dozen people manning the phones 24/7 to keep the place afloat. It's so bad they can't afford to fire people for poor attendance, and it's having a negative impact on the bottom line. I can't really say more, but holy shit.

* * *

Ended up going to my father-in-law's house tonight to help him with a computer issue. He's wanting to watch videos on his computer, only the player he has won't fullscreen some of them. I put the K-Lite codec pack on his machine and showed him how to run it; now he can watch them the way he wants.

* * *

Sunday night, my wife alerted me: "Honey, the light downstairs is flickering! It's a horror movie! I'm scared to go down there!"

Sighing, I went downstairs and turned on the lamps which I set up during my cleaning, and then tried to drop the diffuser so I could get a gander at the tubes. Mrs. Fungus shied away from it. "Don't open that with me under it!"

"There's nothing inside it," I said.

"How do you know? What if it's full of lobsters?"

"Wha--? It's not full of lobsters!"

This is typical of our conversations.

Anyway, I reseated the tubes and it seems to work again, so I'm not going to have to replace them or the least not this week.

* * *

Also, we started reading Moby Dick. Same as Treasure Island we lay in bed together and I read a few chapters before we go to sleep.

I've observed that the novel is a lot more sarcastic and funny than the movies portray it. Our favorite phrase came at the end of the second chapter: "Yet Dives himself, he too lives like a Czar in an ice palace made of frozen sighs, and being a president of a temperance society, he only drinks the tepid tears of orphans." We laughed aloud at that.

Also, the mental image of Ishmael going into the street and knocking off peoples' hats, solely because he's had enough of civilization--it's hilarious. This book is funny, though I have to wonder how long that will last. Anyway, like Treasure Island, we're enjoying it a ton.

* * *

And so it's our Friday night, and I just tried to refer to the day before our Friday as "Thursday" even though it was actually Sunday, so I think I'd better do something about all this lest I completely lose my grounding in reality.

But first, bedtime...and since it looks as if I won't be getting the grass cut this weekend, I can laze about in bed tomorrow without guilt. Win.

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