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#5189: Four glorious hours.

This morning, both Mrs. Fungus and I woke up around 10, because that's when we usually get up for work. You get into a habit after a while; you can't help it. The body expects certain functions to occur at that time.

Today, we got up long enough to tend to that, then went back to bed. It was raining and it was quiet. I said, "It's raining outside, and we're in bed."

"Isn't it glorious?"

"Oh yeah."

...and then I proceeded to sleep another four hours. I woke up without a headache, indicating that I needed that sleep. I debated lying abed longer, but figured four extra hours was enough for one day and got myself out of bed.

It's warm out but it rained for about twelve hours; the ground is sodden and I can't cut the grass until it dries out a bit. So, yeah: win.

* * *

I think the link text from AoSHQ said it best: Clearly, teachers are underworked and overpaid. The headline: "Teachers Unions Quietly Spend Millions on ‘Grassroots’ Groups". Gee, a union supporting socialism--who coulda seen that one coming?

Related: meanwhile, teachers continue to prove how effective they are at doing their jobs. As long as you read "their jobs" as "socialist indoctrination facilitator" and carefully exclude any mention of the 3 R's.

* * *

Our government is spending six million dollars a minute yet it doesn't have money for infrastructure maintenance.

* * *

Proof that progressives/libs are nothing more than communist thugs. Might want to be careful, there, dude; if you call for crap like that, if your side starts losing you will wish you hadn't. The pendulum always swings, and it's been on the left side for quite a while.

* * *

Yes. Yes it is. Also, while we're at it, we should probably examine the effect that global warming is having on fairies and elves.

* * *

Another one with good link text--I think I also got it from AoSHQ--is this one. Hey, if this muslim woman wants us to respect her religion, why don't we do so and punish her crime according to its laws? I'm sure she won't have any trouble dealing with life less one hand, right? That is what the koran says to do, cut off a thief's hand, isn't it? Or does it go right to stoning? I can never remember; keeping straight the strictures of a death cult isn't worth my time.

* * *

And yeah, this.
we’ve been told for years with every successive election by these GAGA (go-along-get-along) Republican types that, from Clinton to Bush to Obama to Clinton, each of these elections was THE MOST VITALLY CRUCIALLY VITAL ELECTION IN HISTORY, our last desperate chance to make a stand against the Leftists and save our nation from sure and certain destruction, a collapse from which it might never recover. And now it looks as if that was a bunch of horseshit, just electioneering and cheap manipulation intended to get more Republican snouts in the trough without ever really changing a damned thing.
Emphasis his.

A lot of Republican voters twigged to this horseshit in the last presidential election, which is why Mitt Romney didn't get elected despite Obama's obvious incompetence. It's worse this time, because it's finally obvious to all and sundry what the GOPe is doing and why. There are no principles in play here; just a thirst for power, and they'll jettison anything (and anyone) they have to in order to ensure they get to keep their snouts in the trough.

The post originally concluded--before the update--thus:
But if you’re planning to vote for Hillary out of petulance and sore-loser spite, you really ought to stop lecturing everybody about your supposed “principles.” You clearly have only one, and it’s this: my way or the highway. Which ain’t nearly as lofty and high-minded as you so sniffily pretend.
Perfectly correct. (Again, emphasis his.)

* * *

...and now it's pouring outside again, complete with thunder and lightning. It doesn't look like I'm cutting any grass before the weekend. *sigh*

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