atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5193: The back yard is a SWAMP again.

I'm not surprised. Yesterday afternoon I could see standing water in the low spot between the houses across the street. After all the rain we had in the last 48 hours there's still standing water near the sundial in the back yard. I took the tractor out back to try to cut the east 40 but there's standing water there, too.

But I got the front yard cut, so the house looks presentable.

The mower battery is going to have to be replaced soon. Today it wouldn't take enough of a charge to crank the engine over. Let's face it: this battery is eight years old and I didn't do anything to keep it from deteriorating (like taking it out of the tractor and storing it on a board in the basement in winter months).

But as you may recall, last year it was getting iffy, and this year I think it's done for. Not a really big problem; I'll get a new one.

* * *

If the kid has a penis HE IS NOT A GIRL, and that's why other boys don't want to go out with him. It's not because the other boys are homophobes or transphobic; it's because THEY'RE NOT GAY.

Quoth Ace: "Conservatives should make it their singular ambition to ask Hillary Clinton if she believes that boys have a moral obligation to date another boy who asserts that he is a girl."

That is a question none of the "trans"-philic folks want anyone ever to ask them, because their answer--if one is ever given without obfuscation and misdirection and LOOK, HALLEY'S COMET!--is of course going to be, "If boys won't date another boy who identifies as female, they're bigots." NO, THEY AREN'T. THEY'RE NORMAL.

And by the way, any boy (regardless of what sex he thinks he is) who likes other boys is gay.

I can't believe I have to emphasize these things. Fuckin' Obama! He's been President for seven years and now no one can figure out which bathroom they're supposed to use! The IQ of the entire western hemisphere has cratered since that goon became President! WTF!!! know, in our culture, we laugh at things like Nero appointing his horse to the Senate.

* * *

"The author of that might as well have written, 'Dear America, I don't use my brain when considering politics.'" How true. The first comment to that post hits it right out of the friggin' park.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus wanted chili for dinner tonight, so when I hit the store yesterday I got the stuff to make it. Well, she went to the store, and came home with a rack of ribs, so guess what? Heh.

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