atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5194: Government rent

If you pay property tax, you don't own your property. The government does.

If you fail to pay the government what it demands, you get evicted.

Government sets what you must pay not to be evicted. It is free to change that fee at any time.

If government decides your property could be used better otherwise, it can take it from you. (Kelo vs New London, et alii.)

If government thinks drugs are being manufactured or sold on your property , it can take it from you.

If government decides your property has wetlands or endangered species on it, it can prevent you from using it as you please.

If government decides your property is subpar in one way or another, it can declare it unfit for habitation and evict you, even if you're perfectly happy with your living conditions.

Whole lotta people don't own the property they think they do.

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