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#5195: Minimum wage is ZERO

Wendy's is moving to kiosks for placing orders.

The McDonald's nearest work has kiosks. That one still has a couple of registers, but I find the kiosks more pleasant to use, and if the order is punched in wrong, who's fault is it but mine? Besides, after talking to strangers on the phone for 4+ hours, I don't want to talk to another stranger if I can avoid it. (My lunch is supposed to be a break.)

Wendy's is moving to kiosks because all the people agitating for a higher minimum wage are pricing low/no skilled workers out of those jobs. And as the technology continues to improve you will see people being eschewed in favor of machines.

* * *

Who the hell wants to see 100 Democrat women naked? 80% of them are going to look approximately like Princess Lardzilla, 15% will be aged hags, 4% will have the approximate construction and sex appeal of a tube sock; perhaps 1% will be the kind of women you want to see naked.

And the demonstration is utterly meaningless.
Blah, blah, blah. Basically, this goober is comparing women to mirrors: you know, flat, featureless objects that are incapable of creation, can only reflect what they happen to be facing, with neither intellect nor volition. Hmmm. You know, that might actually be an accurate metaphor for the sort of progressive who would sign up for this sort of gag, thinking she’s doing something "important."
...and complain about people taking pictures.

* * *

Soon it becomes obvious. Probably not soon enough, but one can hope.
... I'm finding these artificial distinctions between Marxists, communists, socialists, liberals, Progressivists, Leftists, etc to be increasingly wearisome. It all boils down to the same thing in the end: those who want power and control versus those who want to be left alone. Everything else is either pedantry or obfuscation as far as I'm concerned.
There really isn't much any difference between the groups he names. They all want the same thing, and that is to be in charge of you. To tell you what to do, how to live, and what to think.

* * *

Major league gut eruption this morning: in the can three times, complete blowdown each time. Bad enough that I stayed home, because besides all that, I feel woozy and can't focus.

Being a call center rep is an exercise in applied psychology. You must take control of the call, and you must be confident in everything you say. You cannot do either when you're hemming and hawing and stumbling because your brain is clanking around like a deranged robot. You have to have a keen edge, and right now my edge is about as keen as a rubber mallet.


* * *

This is promising. Here's the thing: cancer happens because your body fails to recognize the cancerous cells as a threat. There are two basic ways to cure cancer, both one of which is still beyond science: the first is to target the cells with a virus, and the second is to use nanomachines to remove just the cancerous cells.

Targeting them with a virus is the stuff of science fiction, and I'll admit my own thoughts had been more of the "special virus that kills cancer cells" variety rather than this, but WTF--if it works, it works. 75% of medicine consists of helping the body to heal itself; the rest is alleviation of symptoms.

Now, what would be more interesting, would be an actual infectious agent which did this to cancer cells--that is to say, a virus which could spread and remain dormant and be carried by humans without harm, but which would spring into action the instant anything in their bodies tried to become cancer. Presto: instant cessation of cancer everywhere.

That day is coming.

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