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#5200: Today is the "international day against homophobia and transphobia"?

Obama's handing down diktats that public schools must let teenage boys who think they're girls shower in the girls' locker rooms, and we still need a day against "phobia"?

Karl Denninger discusses what's wrong with Obama's latest decree. I think he misses a point here:
I am quite certain that nearly all of the teen boys in the locker room will be utterly ecstatic if and when a so-called "boy trapped in a girl's body" appears in their locker room and takes a shower. I would have been when I was of that age: "Oh look, a real-life Playboy centerfold in front of me!" In fact, I predict that there will be exactly zero complaints about such by any of the boys, although their parents are likely to disagree. Said lack of complaint will almost-certainly be displayed in the form of involuntary erections being sported by basically every boy in there.
Have you seen what a "boy trapped in a girl's body" usually looks like? These deluded girls usually do not look very feminine, having taken great pains to look as much like boys as possible. I'm trying to figure out if that makes much of a difference when you're fifteen and have never seen a naked female outside of pictures, though, and you're suddenly presented with the sight of real breasts and vulva. Denninger might be absolutely correct, here.

The answer here is simple, though: end the practice of showering after gym class. When I was in school the locker room showers went entirely unused, because the teacher kept you at the physical jerks for too much of the class period and there wasn't time. You had perhaps five minutes to change clothes and get out to the doors before the bell would ring, which isn't enough time to get wet and dry much less get clean. And anyway, there was no budget for towel service, because despite egregiously high property taxes the school district never had enough money for anything. It was easier and cheaper just to leave the showers shut off.

And that's all they have to do. You happen to have one of the 700,000 transsexuals in the nation in your 4th period boys' gym class? All the kid has to do is change clothes; there's no showering involved, and as long as the kid keeps an undershirt and underwear on no one will see any breasts or anything.

And for the converse case, where you have a deluded boy who thinks he's a girl in a boy's body:
By the exact same token I am quite certain that nearly all of the teen girls in the locker room will be ridiculously and outrageously offended if and when a "girl trapped in a boy's body" appears in their locker room and takes a shower. In fact I suspect that while said "gurl" (really a young man irrespective of his mental state) is present he too will be sporting an involuntary erection while said girls will reasonably believe that there is a materially increased risk that they are about to be assaulted. Indeed, one of the predicates of such an assault (an erect penis) will be on full public display and available for immediate (ab)use.
Since he thinks he's a girl, he's unlikely to get erect looking at other girls, unless of course he's a male lesbian (which, we are told, is a woman trapped in a man's body who is a lesbian), in which case yeah, erections.

See, here's the thing: this is all complete and utter horseshit. I'm not "transphobic" by stating so; I am reality-philic. The entire universe of transsexualism requires that one turn his back on physical fact and substitute a person's delusions. These reality-phobes--biology-phobes--biophobes!--require us to take language and torture it out of recognition solely because they're unable to accept reality. And as a result, you have stupidity like the "male lesbian" concept I referred to above. I'm not making that up; that term is actually handed down to us from deconstructionism (which is itself an enormous pile of horseshit, and probably the place from which we get all this idiocy in the first place).

If believing that sex is a biological fact makes me a "transphobe", so be it. If you want to keep on insisting that the Earth is flat, you go right ahead. Regardless of what you think, sex is a fact and the Earth is round. Deal with it.

* * *

Thanks to this post now I know how to say "masturbation" in German: Selbstbefriedigung. Somehow my high school German classes never got that far.

* * *

Yes. In terms of body count, Karl Marx is the most evil man in history. You can sum it up this way: "No rain of bombs could have obliterated every store, business, factory, school, hospital and larder with the fine-grained thoroughness achieved by the ideas of the Communist Manifesto."

* * *

So, in the US, tuberculosis was--for a time--rare. People still caught it, but you could go for decades without meeting anyone who was infected.

Then the US began importing people from third-world countries. "The most common risk factor for TB cases in Minnesota is being from a country where TB is common."

* * *

Big Brother is listening. Bear in mind that there is no expectation of privacy when you are in a public place, and the FBI therefore does not need a warrant to put microphones wherever the hell they please as long as they're on public property.

We were born free. Little by little we descend into totalitarianism.

* * *

Big surprise, the major media are marxist. Communist shill organizations like "Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting" claim that the media skew right, and endlessly try to convince us that the American media have a conservative bias, but it's just not so. (See above, "Marxism".)

* * *

The depression may have started as early as 1987, rather than 2007. I would disagree with the 1987 figure, but 2000 or 2001 certainly do seem reasonable to me.

* * *

Electric vehicles pollute more. Not just because most electricity is generated by burning fossil fuels.

* * *

As long as he lets it get completely dry before powering it up, this is fine. What boards go through during manufacturing is worse.

* * *

Well, today is Tuesday, and you know what that means; that's right! Chores! And I get to start by getting my driver's license renewed! Off to the DMV with me!


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