atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5202: Not being able to get anything done day

Today was supposed to be a day of rest, but instead it was a day of frustrated effort.

Put lexan over the other hole in the tub surround, the new one that opened in the last week. Took me hours and a trip to the hardware store, but I think I bought the wrong kind of sealant, so I'm going to have to clean up the mess I made and re-do it with the right stuff. We'll know in a few hours whether or not this crap will do the job. (There is probably a reason it was so inexpensive, damn it.)

Next up, I decided I'd finally set up El-Hazard on the desk in the basement. Put the spare wireless card into it, then get everything hooked up and functional so I can maybe start doing stuff with the Arduinos and other things. Start a writing regime, you know.

Problem: Vista doesn't have a driver for the wireless card. "Download one from the Internet," you say? Ha! Searching for it brings up a bunch of driver spam and scam web sites! There is no driver for this card. If I do have the disk, God alone knows where the hell it is. I haven't used this card in four years at least--probably longer--and I never needed the driver disk until now.

Still, the computer is now set up down there and ready for action; if I can ever get it connected to the Internet I'll be able to start doing things. But there's no way in hell I'm going to sneakernet everything from the machine upstairs. I might be able to go to Fry's Sunday after work and pick up a card, though; we'll see.

I thought I'd try the battery in the motorcycle. It was charging all night, after all! Put it into the bike, tried the starter, and it died completely. Took it back out of the bike, wrote down the model number; looks like O'Reilly's has it for the least, $50 with trading the old one in. Batteries Plus has it for less but all their stores in reasonable driving radius say "limited availability", except for their Valparaiso store...and Valpo is far enough that I'd pay more in gasoline than the $5 price difference. Problem is, O'Reilly's has to order it, too, though they say it'll arrive within 24 hours. That's great; if I order it tomorrow it'll be here after I go back to work. That might mean I'd get to ride my motorcycle Sunday evening. So I can either drive all over creation on my birthday so I can ride the bike, or I can forget it all and stay home.


Plus side: I don't have work tomorrow; I asked for the day off weeks ago. Maybe I won't be riding my motorcycle, but at least I won't be answering the damned phone all day.

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