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#5203: #49, and boy are my arms tired.

Today marks my forty-ninth trip around old Sol. That's a total travel distance of 28,632,475,445 miles, a bit short of two light-days. (Next year!)

No wonder my feet hurt.

* * *

Very complicated ignition system boosts gasoline engine efficiency near 50%. It is, however, very complex, vastly more complicated than a spark plug. $5 says the thing would have to be replaced as a unit, and it's not going to be any $1.79 at the local auto parts store; even in quantity I bet the thing will cost over $100 each and take three hours to replace.

* * *

There is so much racial injustice in America that these things keep happening! Belligerent black kid gets into fights, tells his parents it was racism and not his belligerence, and the media goes on a tear over it.

* * *

The media are trying to cover Hillary's ass. HIllary Clinton's private e-mail server broke all kinds of laws, and the defense that is being promulgated--that the classified information wasn't actually classified at the time it was on her server--is purposely missing the point, obscuring it in a load of double-talk and half-truth. The article at the link explains all that very well.

* * *

An EgyptAir plane has gone missing. Steven Den Beste says it's a "wakeup call". "It takes two to make a peace, but only one to make a war."

This means CNN can stop covering the Bernie Sanders convention violence and cover something--ANYTHING!--else.

Obviously the result of global warming or anti-immigrant sentiment among American blue-collar workers.

* * *

EPA still wants to ruin your car. EPA wants to raise the amount of ethanol in gasoline because fuck you, prole. The damage caused by too-high levels of ethanol are covered by manufacturer warranties in 2/3 of the cars on the road ("Fuck you, corporations!") and the other third are just going to have to lump it ("Fuck you, person who is too poor to buy a new car!").

"Fuck you! Yes we can!"

...not to mention that any time you adulterate gasoline you reduce the fuel economy of the vehicle burning the swill, thus making it burn more fuel for the same work. But of course that's somehow "carbon-neutral".

* * *

NYT tries to take down Trump with a bimbo eruption, but solidifies support behind him instead. Meanwhile, this has resulted in people remembering names like Juanita Broaddrick, Monica Lewinsky, and Paula Jones, women accosted by Bill Clinton, former Pervert in Chief of the United States, in one way or another.

* * *

Chicago has solved all its other problems, so now they can worry about bathrooms for the gender dysphoric.

* * *

And in the "Nero appointed his horse to the Senate" department, apparently trees instinctively cause anxiety in blacks.
Mickey Fearn, the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance, made headlines when he claimed that black people don’t visit national parks because they associate them with slaves being lynched by their masters.
Because of the trees. THE TREES!

Some time ago Mr. T moved into a tony Chicago suburb and then angered his neighbors by cutting down all the trees on his property, some of which were quite old. No one could explain why and Mr. T never really said anything about it.

Now we know. Poor Mr. T, he felt oppressed by all those trees, reminding him that blacks were lynched and hanged from them, so he cut them down in a fit of incandescent, indignant rage.

Blacks are the only people ever to have been hanged from trees. When white people got lynched, the mob took the time to construct actual gallows, but because of their racism they figured plain old tree limbs were good enough for blacks, and here we are.

Or here's an alternative explanation: THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL FRIGGIN' LUNATICS.

* * *

Money spent on space exploration is rarely wasted. $260 million is nothing to the federal budget--not even an hour's worth of spending at $6 million a minute--and we could learn an immense number of interesting things by sending our robots to Europa and having them do their thing.

* * *

The stuff I used to seal my patch to the shower wall has hardened to an acceptable consistency. I think it'll be okay for now. I do want to go get a few sheets of water-resistant sheetrock (whatever they call it) and a couple boxes of tile and tile glue and grout; it's going to have to be done and the sooner I do it the better. But it's going to take me three or four days to finish the task, so it's not happening this month. (Probably not before autumn, in fact, as I have to save up the personal time to do it.)

Meanwhile, it's time for me to relax.

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