atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5205: Oh, and what I got for my birthday!

I made my first sale in 1999--a short vignette sold to Knights of the Dinner Table, issue number 48, "Apocalypse Drow"--and before I cashed the check I took a copy of the comic book and had both it and the check color photocopied. So on the left is the vignette, on the right is the front cover of the issue, partly obscured by the check, all on a single 11x17 sheet of paper.

I made a few copies of this arrangement, and gave one to my parents with a copy of the comic itself, and it languished on the piano for many a moon.

Mrs. Fungus spirited this sheet of paper out of the house earlier this month, and at 12:15 AM today presented me with it, now professionally matted and framed. It looks gorgeous, and I've got it hung on the wall over my desk to inspire me to get off my duff and write more.

You only make your first sale once. At some point I'd like to make my second, dang it. Time to get moving.

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