atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5207: Resting

Mrs. Fungus commanded me to stay home today, and rest, so I did. I'm resting.

Feeling bloody useless, but resting.

A full tab of Xanax last night before bed, slept like a log all night. Got up and let Twigs out of the basement--the cats are still getting used to each other and we don't want fights--and he's proceeded to wander around the house commenting on everything.

Plus side: I was laying in bed with Twigs, when Critter got onto the bed; the two cats touched noses, and were smelling each other's faces; then Twigs apparently did something that was a little too friendly and Critter hissed at him. Or else Critter remembered I'm not supposed to like you, INTRUDER! which is equally likely. Whatever the case may be, I'm no longer really worried about Critter and Twigs getting along. Touching noses is a big step forward.

Also, we got the report from the vet that Twigs tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia, two communicable and incurable diseases we don't want our healthy animals exposed to, so that means he's good to stay.

* * *

Is it still called "white slavery" when all involved are black? One of the front men for BLM is accused of sex trafficking and (now) of grand theft as well.

I'm not going to comment further.

* * *

The short answer is "socialism". Venezuela is a complete mess, and it's a complete mess because socialism can not work.

And then as that article concludes, "...Venezuelans have no toilet paper. We will follow them in a few years unless we have a revolution.

I think calls for revolution are premature. I also think that a revolutionary change in how our government works is absolutely essential: strip out all the "alphabet soup" agencies and vastly reduce the power of the federal government. Return most of the governing power to the states, rather than the federal government.

* * *

Trump says what we all think. If Hillary is so anti-gun, why is she allowing herself to be protected by men carrying guns?

The fact is, Hillary is against the individual having the right to be armed. Like everyone of her ilk, she knows that government must ask permission of an armed populace.

* * *

So, back to resting.

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