atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5208: Well, that's a big chimichanga.

Dinner last night was had at a restaurant called "On The Border" up in...I'm not even sure where, exactly, the place is. It's a few blocks down from where Mrs. Fungus works, and we had dinner there because I had to go help my father in law with a computer problem yesterday and she's been wanting to go there after an office party led her to discover how good the food is there.

I had the Sunday evening special, which was a chimichanga...and it was huge. So huge that I ate a third of it (we had nachos for an appetizer and that was huge, too) and had the rest for lunch at work today. It was delicious.

And the place is open until 10 PM on Sunday, so it's a natural place for us to go have dinner after work on Sunday night. We'll be doing that again.

* * *

Government taxing rainwater. That's right: you have to pay government for the privilege of collecting rain that falls on your property.

"People don't own property; they are merely tenants of the state." Paraphrased from a comment quoted there, but it's true.

* * *

Take the IR filter off and replace it with a visible light filter, maybe? I'd love to have an IR camera, a real one, but they're pretty spendy. This would be fun.

* * *

Now it's time for bed. Tuesday morning we take Twigs in to get...truncated. Poor kitty.

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