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#5212: I forgot about Claws

At the vet's, they frequently have rescued animals around the place. They currently have this older male cat named Claws, who was a barn cat but now has a stomach issue that requires him to have special food. Besides Claws, on the actual reception counter itself they had two kittens, each approximately a handful, each rescued from dire circumstances.

Both now being raised by Claws.

The tech was telling us that Claws' job is to socialize kittens, to teach them how to act around other cats. As we watched, one kitten attacked Claws' tail a bit too vigorously; Claws reacted by batting at the kitten's head and hissing, and then leaning in and sniffing the kitten's head, just like a mother cat would.

Meanwhile, in the Fungus household, Twigs continues to integrate. After one day of hissing and growling (Saturday, plus a little on Sunday) the cats have become much friendlier with Twigs; and now they're acting more or less like old friends. I knew things were going to be just fine when Mrs. Fungus found Twigs and Bosco sleeping on the bed in the spare room, perhaps three feet apart.

Sunday night, Mrs. Fungus was holding Twigs, and she held him so he could smell noses with Critter. Both cats sniffed at each other, and then after a few moments Critter said, "Meh!" Not a hiss, just a comment.

So, Monday night, we were supposed to withhold food from Twigs because of his impending operation. We wanted the other two cats not to be hungry all night, so first we tried putting Twigs in the computer room with me while Mrs. Fungus fed the other two a can of Fancy Feast, a rare treat.

The cats ignored the food and sat outside the computer room door.

So we tried again, thinking that it was because daddy was in the room with Twigs. We put Twigs in the bathroom by himself.

The cats ignored the food and sat outside the bathroom door.

I have never seen these cats--especially Critter!--walk away from Fancy Feast. Usually they're all over it until the plate is licked clean. But they wouldn't even touch it; Mrs. Fungus ended up throwing it away.

Clearly, at that point Twigs was already one of the boys. So we're not really worried about integration any longer.

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