atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5219: That was EASY!

The two hours I spent at work today went by fast and it felt wrong to be walking out after only two hours. It was harder getting out of bed than it was doing those two hours of overtime.

This bears thinking about.

* * *

It "doesn't work" for whom? This is a lengthy article complaining that even at $50 a barrel oil is too cheap, that it needs to be at least $120 per barrel if we want the economy to start moving.


What needs to happen is that oil must stay under $50 a barrel until companies come along that can make money at $50 a barrel. It's not impossible. I'd bet there are a bunch of ways to accomplish the task. No one will try if the price of oil goes stratospheric again.

* * *

In 1965, Johnson signed the "Great Society", and that was the end of infrastructure maintenance in the US. Because with the creation of the vast maw of the welfare stat, government started having little to no money for anything else.

* * *


But "I never owned any slaves; you never picked any cotton. Get over it." Indeed!

* * *

Venezuela continues to be a cautionary tale for all those who think socialism is wonderful.

Bernie Sanders can't answer the question because the left's answer to the fact that socialism cannot work is always, "Well, the wrong people tried it!" or "It wasn't tried on a large enough scale!"

* * *

It's taken twenty years for South Africa to go from first world nation to third-world shithole. It's also been twenty years since the end of Apartheid. You do the math.
"In a typical African country", [Director of the Centre for Politics and Research Prince Mashele says], "people have no illusions about the unity of morality and governance. People know that those who have power have it for themselves and their friends and families. The idea that the state is an instrument for people's development is a Western concept but Africans and their leaders don't like to copy from the West. They are happy to remain African and do things 'the African way'. Asking a ruler to be accountable is a foreign--Western--idea. In a situation where there is conflict between a ruler and laws, Africans simply change the laws to protect the ruler."
And this is why Africa fails at civilization, why it remains a third-world shithole despite the best efforts of everyone else on the planet, despite sitting on such incredible mineral resources.

* * *

As for me, I got up at 7 AM; I'm taking a nap before I start fiddling with the motorcycle.

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