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#5220: It's raining!

Woke up from my nap feeling refreshed and ready to go.

While I slept it clobbered over and rained, and as I went about my business I could hear rumblies all around. There's a patch to the south that's heading this way; it looks like once that's done it'll be clear enough to ride, and I'll just have to wait for the roads to dry out a bit.

But! Got the battery in, and she cranks and runs like no one's business, like it hasn't been a week (much less nine months) since I last rode the thing. That task accomplished I set myself to some other things, such as figuring out what's with the tach cable; and it turned out that the engine end of the cable needed to be re-swaged onto the cable due to wear etc. I crimped it carefully with a pair of pliers, and now the tach works again.

Next up, figuring out what's rattling, and I found that one of the exhaust heat shield screws has gone missing. It's the same one that came loose lo these many years ago. (I cannot believe I was able to find that post so quickly.) Of course, this time the bolt is gone; it's a 4.5mm screw, fine thread, perhaps a little longer than it is wide.

Well, Ace Hardware is just down the road.

* * *

Last night we had ribs, of course, as planned. I had to mix up a fresh batch of rub and--not having the recipe to hand--mixed up the following proportion:
2 TBSP each of cayenne pepper and sugar
1 TBSP each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika
The ribs were delicious. Put the rub on about 4 or so, put them in the oven a bit before 8; when Mrs. Fungus got home they needed about another half hour, but then we had salads and ribs.

Bit spicier than usual, but good.

* * *

One of the calls I took today was a doozie. See, whenever someone wants to disconnect, we have to try to convince the customer not to disconnect the line. Our arguments are entirely economic, because the bottom line is the best way.

Most of the time.

This woman called telling me she wanted to disconnect one of the lines on her account, because they'd originally got it for their au pair from Germany, and now that their year-long nightmare is over they're probably not going to get another au pair, so they don't need the line any longer.

She wasn't even remotely fazed when I told her the ETF was $280.

...I didn't even try fighting it. Look: when you're telling me that you got an iPhone for your live-in nanny, who you imported from Europe, and you've decided to cancel the line--and ask, "What should we do with the phone? Just throw it away?" *WHIMPER*--none, NOT ONE, of the deals I have are going to make you change your mind. Obviously money is no object here, especially when I tell you the ETF is almost $300 and you don't bat an eye.

It must be nice to be one of those people who shit money. I'm just sayin'.

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