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#5222: Those pensions will never be funded.

The Illinois legislature overrode Rauner's veto, and it's going to make everything worse. Rauner was trying to prevent the legislature from letting Chicago defer pension payments, trying to kick the problem down the road another decade or two.

Part of the issue here stems from the Democrat machine thinking that, when the time comes, they'll just raise taxes on everyone to pay the fiddler. Problem is, they won't be able to do that when the time comes, because all the rich people have smart accountants who are advising them to GTFO of Dodge.

The machine's solution is a "financial transaction tax" which will--for the moment--only be assessed on people making market trades. That will change, of course, because as is noted in the article, the traders will just move. Eventually the tax will apply to bank deposits and withdrawals; any time you cash a check or use an ATM or pay for your groceries with your debit card, you'll pay a tax.

People won't put up with it.

* * *

John Wright on the 21st Century. The technology is fantastic. The culture, not so much.

* * *

Can we PLEASE bring back DDT now?

* * *

We are told that comparing blacks to gorillas and apes is racist. Why, then, is shooting a gorilla an example of racism?

And here's a hint for people out there who want to find racism in this tragedy: the kid is black. They shot the gorilla because it had a human child and was endangering him. So STFU.

* * *

Reality is real. It doesn't care about how you feel.

* * *

So today I had to take Twigs to the vet. Mrs. Fungus observed that the, eh, operational site, looked swollen. Twigs himself has plenty of energy--he zips around the house at Mach 9--and he eats like a horse, so I was pretty certain that there was nothing wrong. Still, she insisted, and I've never raised a male cat, so off we went.

Vet confirmed that he's just fine. And by now he's forgiven me for stuffing him into the carrier and taking him to the vet, and is laying on my arms such that it's a lot harder to type than it ought to be.

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