atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5224: Twigs, supersonic

I'm not kidding. This cat gets around the house faster than anything. Combine a meow with the sound of a race car passing at top speed. That's Twigs.

* * *

Saturday was hellish. Didn't get nearly enough sleep, and of course I had to be at work at 9; and we had a queue all friggin' day that hit 70+ at its highest. Why are all you assholes calling your wireless provider on such a nice summer Saturday?

"Not helping" department: thirty people didn't show up for work, including nine idiots who didn't bother calling off. At three PM, upper management decided that the way to fix this was to pull all the floor support and make team leads and supervisors answer phones exclusively. So, yeah, try getting a payment taken or a credit approved, and God forbid someone might ask to speak to a sup. Holy shit.

Anyway, I did fine, and managed to leave only a few minutes late; I got a talker, who was happy I was able to help him, and I don't mind that at all. Except for the stupidity internal to the call center, my day was pretty decent.

Mrs. Fungus is telling me I should probably jump ship: if they're pressing sups and leads into phone duty, instead of having them do their regular jobs, it's probably a sign of desperation. But having been passed over for that promotion to Workforce, I'm already inclined to seek employment elsewhere.

Anyway, I got off work and came home (with a brief stop at the store for a few things) and I went to bed. I was flat busted done when I got off work.

Regardless of anything else, I'll be glad once the mandatory overtime is done with. This shit is exhausting enough without having to do it for nine hours per day.

* * *

Bunch of links, no comments, because "bedtime":

ZMan talks about the religion of hate (not islam, surprisingly enough).

Luxembourg is trying to become the mecca for asteroid mining. Someone's got to do it.

Gotta blockquote this much.
The catastrophic results of the social experiments of the ’68 generation have been meticulously recorded by conservatives. The long list includes widespread mental illness, the destruction of marriage, the normalization of bastardry, abortion and other sexual deviancies, the ubiquity of pornography, an explosion of STDs and – of course – a slow but steady rise in drug usage and the normalization and incipient legalization thereof.

Tiny mistakes, huge explosions.

Leftists committing violence against Trump supporters is just making Trump look better.

Then, a climate two-fer:

Climate "scientists" want to jail those who disagree with them, because that's totally how science works when it's "settled". Next up, prison terms for people trying to build perpetual motion machines because LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS, BITCHES!

Politicians, meanwhile, can't pass legislation outlawing such opinions and they know it. Which is why the law California's legislature was considering to allow prosecution of climate change "deniers".

* * *

As for me, bedtime. Holy crap am I tired.

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