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#5227: The return of the blank sun

It's been four days since there were any sunspots.

The sunspot cycle is eleven years long. At the solar minimum in 2009 we went 250-odd days without a sunspot, something that's highly unusual even for a solar minimum. There were 51 spotless days in 2010, 2 in 2011, and then we waited until 2014 for another one.

The one spotless day in 2014 occurred at solar maximum. At solar maximum there should be no spotless days. At this point in the sunspot cycle we should be about where we were in 2011. Next solar minimum is 2020.

Hope for more sunspots. Weak sunspot cycles are synonymous with global cooling, and if it gets too cold we start having ice ages.

* * *

Speaking of which, Arse Technica attempts to dismiss the about-face that the eco-loony community did after the 1970s were over. The science, they gravely intone, always said that warming would happen.

No, it hasn't.

The eco-doomsayers have always flip-flopped about what they claimed was happening. Warming, cooling, warming, cooling, warming, cooling--as long as science has known about ice ages, the dire predictions of catastrophic eco-something have alternated with the decades. The scientific reasons were always laid out with exactly the same certainty that the very same human activity was the cause of wildly different effects.

If you want to claim that particulates in emissions were going to cause global cooling, you need only look at China, which has taken the US' place as the leading emitter of particulates. If the United States' particulate emissions were enough to cool the planet and cause an ice age, I would submit that we're not out of the woods yet.

If, however, you believe (as I do) that humans have very little impact on global climate, and that the climate is changing due to natural forcings over which we have no control whatsoever, you recognize all this scaremongering for what it is: horseshit.

* * *

Here is a map of states where the local economy sucks. Because taxes!

* * *

Big surprise: if you let a boy compete in girls' athletics, he wins every time. And the simple fact is, the kid is a boy. He may wish he were a girl, and he may have a delusion that he is a girl, but he is a boy and he has the musculature and the skeleton of a male, which means that he is able to run faster and push harder than a woman.

But, yeah, let's completely upend our civilization for the sake of some 20,000 people.

* * *

The commie-lib school faculty will find an excuse to censor political speech they don't like. That's been true of public schools for decades.

"The other kids don't like it." No, you don't like it. Why don't you just be honest? Oh yeah, that's right; because if you have the kid remove the hat because you don't like it, you're engaging in censorship and can get in trouble for it.

* * *

Besides, honesty is for suckers, right? So, China is underreporting its unemployment rate by a factor of three. Sound familiar? That certainly sounds like what the US' own BLS is doing with our unemployment figures.

And for the same reason. Look: if the unemployment figures over the past decade had been reported honestly, the Government Party would long since have found itself dangling from lampposts all over the country. By making up more convenient numbers and having the propaganda wing disseminate them, the Party can attempt to convince people that the problem is not pandemic.

Then comes Trump, though, and the preference cascade.

* * *

Tuesday, and it couldn't come soon enough.

It was so blissfully cool last night I needed a blanket to stay warm. Good sleeping weather, as they say, and I slept like a man drugged.

It's cool today, too, and that'll make cutting the grass easier. I also have to do some brake inspections; both the Jeep and the Toyota need examination. Hope that doesn't turn into a big deal, but the Toyota's rear end is squeaking a bit and the Jeep has made some sounds, too.

Plus side: I know how to do brake jobs.

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