atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5228: No. Oh, no. NO NO NO NO NO.

Apparently a "brokered convention" is still on the table.

Trump has the delegates. He's won the primaries. If the GOP rewrites the convention rules so that they can nominate whoever they want, and completely ignore the expressed will of the majority of the party, what's the bloody point of having primaries? At that point the party is no longer representative of the populace in general but of a select, narrow band of elites.

And--worse--whoever the GOP fronts in place of Trump won't be able to win the election, because a lot of GOP voters are either going to stay home (since the GOPe ignored them yet again, as they have consistently for the past sixteen years) or they're going to vote for someone else. Ace says that his raison d'etre is "BEAT HILLARY CLINTON" but if the GOP ignores the express will of its voters no one they put up will win.

Unless the whole frickin' ball of wax is fixed and it's GOP's turn to win this year. Which, it must be said, would not much surprise me at this point, considering how eager the GOPe is to vote for Hillary Clinton if they don't get their way.

Even if the GOP fronts Ryan (or whoever) and he manages to win, it still means the end of the GOP as a serious political party. The rank-and-file, people like me, will leave and never vote GOP again. And I mean never, never, EVER.

You want to beat Hillary Clinton? Then you'd better get the GOP behind Trump, because he's the nominee, and ignoring the expressed will of the voters is only going to lose you the election. And if this is truly the "most important election in history"--which I doubt, because you assholes say that every two years--I'd think you'd be circling the wagons around someone who obviously has a shitton of grassroots support and who could easily walk to the Presidency if you let him.

Which you're not.

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