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#5230: Funny how the books I read never mentioned that part.

Amelia Earheart was a passenger.
Since most of the [1928 trans-Atlantic] flight was on "instruments" and Earhart had no training for this type of flying, she did not pilot the aircraft. When interviewed after landing, she said, "Stultz did all the flying--had to. I was just baggage, like a sack of potatoes." She added, "...maybe someday I’ll try it alone."
In other words, Amilia Earhart was the first woman to be ferried across the Atlantic non-stop. "...[T]his flight that made Earhart an aviation pioneer was 100% image, 0% skill and accomplishment."

She wasn't instrument-rated. Instead of training for her instrument rating and making the flight herself as Lindbergh did, she had a male pilot do all the hard stuff.

The saddest part of all this is how totally not shocked I am. The sum total of my reaction to the news that Amelia Earheart was, in fact, not really the person doing all the things claimed of her, amounts to a disinterested, Oh, really? Well, how about that? It's like I'm not even surprised by it.

This is a feminist victory?

* * *

Ann Barnhardt makes an interesting point here. What is American medical debt really worth if you can buy $15 million worth of it for $60,000?
It implies a 25000% markup to the paying private consumer. Everyone else (namely insurance companies and government...but I repeat myself) backs out of the TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND PERCENT CUSHION.
And I don't know what I can add to that.

* * *

Here's a hint: it's called a drive-through for a reason, idiot. No fast food place wants pedestrian traffic at the drive-through, for the reasons Denninger cites in his post. It's a safety issue.

* * *

The American left is finally showing its true colors. Or color, rather: red, of course. This asshat is merely the latest example.

* * *

I agree, this probably goes right to the Oval Office. The left loves to use the power of government to silence its critics. They would have sent in SWAT teams if they could have gotten away with it.

* * *

Now the cops can take all your money, not just the money you happen to be carrying. If you can prove that it's not from nefarious activity--so much for presumption of innocence!--they might even let you have some of it back.

It's a sweet deal for the company that makes the hardware; they get 7.7% of everything the state seizes.

Rule of law, presumption of innocence, civil rights, and freedom--not so much.

* * *

Reverse the players in this imbroglio and see how well that flies. The OBAMA State Department is saying that it'll take 75 years to fulfill the GOP's FOIA request about the Clinton e-mail scandal.

Let's just flip the script a moment. Let's say it's 1987 and it's the Iran-Contra scandal and the State Department under Ronald Reagan says it's going to take 75 years for them to fulfill the Democrat Party's request that they produce documents relating to Oliver North's actions in the deal. The press would still be howling about it.

In 2016 for a Democrat President's scandal: nothing but crickets from the press. Of course.

Meanwhile, Hillary is still being investigated by the FBI. She's now the Democrats' presumptive nominee (as if this were ever in doubt!) so I don't know why the FBI is even bothering. Even if Obama himself can't stand the Clintons and would love to see her taken down, all that needs happen is for some Democrat elite party member to call Obama and say, "Look, Barry...sign the fucking pardon. Or would you like us to start talking about Reggie Love?"

Let's face the facts. Hillary is not going to go to jail. She's not even going to go to trial. This entire matter is going to be investigated, and then her role in all this will be quietly forgotten. The FBI will drop it; it's possible that a few of Hillary's underlings may be indicted (solely as a paean to "rule of law", and of course the FBI must be thrown a bone once in a while) but she herself won't be. Ever.

My prediction does not require any actual precognition: the FBI is going to find that Hillary Clinton made mistakes but was not herself complicit in the breaking of any laws, and that SO-AND-SO and WHAT'S-HIS-FACE were the actual miscreants. This is how it always works.

The DNC has long since decided it will front Hillary Clinton--much the same way the GOP intended to front Jeb Bush--and nothing's going to stand in the way of that.

Sanders won't be allowed to split the Democrat vote, either, so stop hoping. Trust me on this. The Sanders campaign will be quietly "urged" to resign and back Hillary.

* * *

Today's my Sunday. It's quiet and pleasant. Can't beat that.

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