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#5235: The birdbath

So while I was working on getting the grass cut last week, I moved the bird bath and the sundial so I could cut the grass in the center of the yard where we keep such things. Seeing the cracks in the bird bath reminded me that it had been broken a few days after we got it, and I remarked on that to Mrs. Fungus, that the repair I did seems to have held up rather well as it's still watertight.

We got to talking about that, and we realized something: in the three years since we put it in the middle of the yard, though hot and cold, calm and storm, that bird bath has not moved one iota.

The night it got broke, a few days after we got it--it wasn't wind that knocked it down. It wasn't an animal. Someone was blundering around our house in the dark and ran into it, not expecting it to be there, and broke it.

That gibed with something else that happened a month or so later: one day we went out onto the back patio and found that our lawn furniture had been moved. We chalked it up to wind (it had been windy the night before) and/or one of us--probably me--having moved it for this or that reason, but neither of us was ever really convinced that was the case. The furniture was arranged in a way we would not have placed it, and in a place we wouldn't have put it; but absent any other explanation, what else made sense?

Considering other things which were going on at the time, though, we've come to realize what actually happened: it's pretty obvious that there was someone who was trying to look into our windows, and on one occasion ran into the birdbath which had just been put on the corner of the patio, and on another moved lawn furniture so he could see our family room from the kitchen windows.

Pity the security camera wasn't watching that area until later; it would have been nice to take that to the police and get this perv off the streets. But those incidents are partly why we put it there in the first place.

* * *

Law enforcement isn't allowed to know that muslim terrorists may target gays because politics trumps reality in the Obamanation.

* * *

What did the FBI know and when did it know it? The gay martyr is increasingly being demonstrated to be a self-hating gay muslim who drank. Now, homosexuality and liquor are utterly forbidden to muslims--I mean, "forbidden" as in "there's no way to save you from perdition, bitch." Except that sins can be expatiated through prayer, of course, provided you have time to pray before you die. Or by murdering as many infidels as possible before you kick.

Go figure that he'd be the central figure in a massacre.

* * *

I need to read this in its entirety but I'll have to do it later since Mrs. Fungus and I are going to go see Warcraft this afternoon and I want to get into the shower.

Also getting short shrift, the economics of a heavily roboticized society because I just don't have time right now. Sorry.

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