atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5241: The almond

So, Saturrday, I dragged myself home from work and--exhausted--ate a cupcake and wrote a three-sentence post before allowing myself to flop into bed.

Twigs, being an adolescent cat of approximately seven months, has boundless energy, especially after sleeping all day, and was excited that daddy had come home, so of course he was running around the house at Mach nine and making all sorts of noise, all of which was not conducive to me getting any sleep.

But eventually he dropped to sublight speeds and I was starting to drift off when I heard him start making these noises. Soft thudding sounds, just loud enough to keep me awake--so I sat up and saw him laying on his side by the bedroom door, his front paws stuck between the door and the jamb. I shooed him away and looked behind the door, figuring that one of his toy mice had ended up back there; but instead, laying on the carpet behind the door was a single almond, in its shell.

Critter likes playing with nuts in the shell, so last Christmas he got a couple of walnuts and a couple of almonds to play with. We never did find them all; well, Twigs found one.

I picked up the nut (the one with the shell, that is) and said, "Twigs! You want the almond? You want it?" He was staring at me with that wide-eyed kitten look; I tossed the nut down the hallway towards the family room and he took off after it like he'd gone into warp drive. Critter was there, though, and the almond fell within arm's reach of him, so there was a little battle at the bathroom door I didn't bother to watch. I just went back to bed.

And the rattling noise of the almond being batted around the bathroom was distant enough not to disturb me.

* * *

Anyway, time for bed. It's summer now.

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