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#5245: The stuff of legend!

Not really. Today I finally got the pine needles vacuumed up from the living room, though.

Pine needles clog our regular vacuum cleaner. I had to get the shop vac from downstairs. I turned it on and it blew a huge cloud of dust out, so I took it outside and cleaned it before trying again. This time I was able to vacuum up the Christmas tree needles without creating a smokescreen.

Worked up a sweat doing it, despite the AC, because there's no circulation in the living room and I was manhandling a shop vac. Oh well.

* * *

Why the hell does anyone care what Kim Kardashian thinks? She's disappointed because the Senate voted down four Democrat blood-dancing gun control bills.

Kim Kardashian is famous because she's famous and her family is famous: her father was a friend of OJ Simpson. That's the sum total of her contribution to society; she didn't invent anything or build anything or create anything. Absent the furor around the OJ Simpson trial no one would ever have heard of this useless extrusion.

Yet here I am, commenting about it. Yeah.

* * *

Wow, kid is arrested for rape, then released, and a week later kills two other kids. Local cops say "gang activity"--want to bet on what kind of gang it is? It couldn't possibly be composed of illegal aliens, now, could it? The article carefully does not say.

* * *

Heavily armed people arrested in Holland tunnel.
One of the suspects allegedly told authorities the trio was en route to Queens to try to save a friend who is on heroin and being held against her will. Police are looking for the possible woman in Queens.
Sure they are, now. It speaks volumes that people have to take matters into their own hands like this.

Or maybe someone's been watching too many movies.

Or something.

* * *

This is the sort of thing that occurs to me whenever Arse Technica and the rest of the global warmenation crowd start talking about how there's no money in climate research, and it's just about the science, blah blah blah etcetera.

If it were actually about science, the climatologists would welcome people who point out the flaws in their research. The point of actual science is to get the right answer.

But that's not the point of climatology. The point of climatology is to convince everyone that climate change is man-made and must be stopped by restricting human activity. Climatology is about protecting the rice bowls of the climatologists, which is why any dissent whatsoever is treated harshly. There may not be huge, "Now I have two Ferraris!" money in it, but there is nonetheless plenty of grant money to be had. You won't live like Bill Gates, but you will live a decent upper-middle-class lifestyle, much better than seventy percent of Americans do...and without having to work all that hard. You even get to attend a conference or two per year, some in exotic locales. Spend a few hours per week teaching a class (or, more likely, working at your computer while one of your grad students teaches the class) and write a dozen papers per year, and dutifully submit your grant applications on time--you have it made. Certainly you don't have to get your hands dirty.

It's just a racket. That's all it is. And anyone who threatens the racket must be destroyed, hence this "not displaying responsibility in respecting the reputations of other colleagues" horseshit.

Michael Mann--if he worked in an actual scientific discipline rather than climatology--would have been ridden out of the field on a rail for faking data the way he did with his hockey stick graph. It's telling that despite the demonstration that the whole thing was fake, he instead is still a prominent figure in climatology.

* * *

As for me, I have other chores to do. It's looking like the lack of rain over the past couple of weeks has left the lawn dry; I may mow it to reduce the shagginess but it hasn't really grown enough to be worth mowing otherwise.

It's cooler today than it was yesterday, and it's supposed to be even cooler tomorrow. And then Thursday it's back to work. *sigh*

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