atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5253: When the hell did they--?

They moved the Wal-Mart. It's in a different place, a not-obvious place on the other side of I-57.

I was on my way out there to get my prescription, and as I rode into the parking lot of the former location I was stunned at the lack of vehicles--usually the lot is packed, and--

"Moved to new location June 1," said the sign on the door. Are you kidding me?? I tried finding it, and rode a merry chase around Matteson and Richton Park until I gave up and called them. On the west side of I-57. Argh etc.

Rode out there, was in and out in a matter of minutes because the pharmacy is right by the doors, and went home. At least I had a nice ride on the bike, but it took too long, so now I find myself trying to get everything done in a lot less time. Since I got home around seven I've been working on cleaning the kitchen, and haven't had anything to eat, so now I'm taking a break for food and a few minutes' rest.

Oh--and when I got home at seven, it was to a puddle of water on the floor by the dishwasher. It's not coming from the sink; it's the dishwasher itself that's leaking, but there's no obvious dripping when it's not running, so what I'll have to do is run it and find the leak--but I don't have time for that today; I just dried up the water and made sure there wasn't water leaking from one of the supply pipes. Luckily it's not, because that would be an "oh shit call a plumber" situation. The utility room, in the basement, is right under the kitchen, and I can see the supply pipes for the sink; if one of them were leaking there'd be water dripping from the ceiling of the utility room, and it's bone dry down there. That means the dishwasher is what's leaking (it's partitioned off from the water supply pipes by cabinetry) and that means it's not an emergency. Thank the Lord for small favors: if we have to have a water leak in the kitchen, it's one that's managed simply by not using the dishwasher. Inconvenient--but merely inconvenient, and I like that just fine.

So I made a few command decisions about the kitchen, and one of 'em is that we do not need all these appliances here. The food processor has not been used since Mom died; I put it on a shelf in the basement. We haven't used the bread machine in two years; it too got stored elsewhere. Ditto for Mrs. Fungus' Krups egg poacher, which we've used one time in the four years we've been together.

The counter looks fantastic.

Now I just need to reproduce the same effect on the opposite side of the kitchen. No problem...once I've had something to eat.

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