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#5254: High speed fail

Four years behind schedule, already costing twice as much as originally promised, and now it's gotten even better. Because:
When the Spanish construction company Ferrovial submitted its winning bid for a 22-mile segment, the proposal included a clear and inconvenient warning: "More than likely, the California high speed rail will require large government subsidies for years to come." Ferrovial reviewed 111 similar systems around the world and found only three that cover their operating costs.

This research should surprise no one who pays attention. Even advocates acknowledge that almost all high-speed rail systems need ongoing subsidies.

But the California High-Speed Rail Authority steadfastly maintains that its trains will be the exception: "HIGH-SPEED RAIL IN CALIFORNIA WILL NOT REQUIRE OPERATING SUBSIDIES" a 2013 fact sheet declared, in all caps. The authority has to keep up the charade or admit to breaking the promises that persuaded voters to back the project in the first place.
...and so the California High-Speed Rail Authority snipped that little inconvenient bit about the subsidies right out of the on-line posting of the winning bid. Because somehow the system in California won't need them. Right?

* * *

No surprises here, either. Charles Rangel is one of those slugs who thinks being in Congress makes him above the law. Rules are for the little people. Right?

* * *

Rosie Odonnel born in a man's body? The thing about the transgendered is, it's usually bloody obvious what sex they actually are, and Misty Snow is no exception whatsoever.

* * *

I have to concur. "Actress Meryl Streep and First Lady Michelle Obama joined Princess Lalla Salma in Morocco on Tuesday night for a traditional dinner to break the fast of Ramadan,..." Where are your burkhas, bitches?

* * *

So I just heard a commercial wherein a guy asks an insurance company rep (female) about making a homeowner's insurance claim for his air conditioner, which he says needs replacing. The insurance rep chirpily tells him that insurance doesn't cover that kind of thing.

It's a dumb commercial, but I know this conversation has happened in real life.

The idea that someone would need to be told that his homeowner's insurance doesn't cover maintenance and repair not related to structure damage or theft--well, considering how many people I've had to tell that a manufacturer's warranty does not cover physical damage to a cell phone, I don't find it impossible, sad to say.

* * *

"Man your battle stations" should not mean leaving essential functions unmanned. Just as an example, it's all well and good to have your guns crewed, but if there's no one in the engine room running the engines your battle will still end pretty quickly.

It's not uncommon for someone in a vital role to have his battle station be his regular duty station. But apparently this was just one of several major blunders. The whole thing was a clown show.

Related? Just what did we pay Iran $1.7 billion for if not to get those soldiers out of hock? Gee, why would Obama, who promised "the most transparent administration in history", want to hide something like that?

* * *

Venezuela, the socialist paradise, continues to impress. "No one wants the money any more; it's worthless." Yeah. But people need food.

* * *

I keep hearing similar rumbles from the Methodist conference and I don't like them one bit. A church that falls away from the teachings of Christ does not long endure.

* * *

Is this going to matter? Oil is trading far above where it should be, considering the fundamentals of the market. If China stops buying as much, will the price actuall go down?

I'd like to see the price of oil drop again, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

* * *

I used to get bent out of shape over polls. Then I learned the only poll that matters is the election.

The people who wanted Great Britain to remain in the EU believed the polls and were shocked when people voted otherwise. Well, when you make a habit of castigating and excoriating people who don't agree with you--and worse--don't be surprised when they lie to the people who take polls.

And if you think I'm making that up, ASM826 says, in the comments, "Would you put a Trump bumper sticker on your car?"

The people who say "Trump can't win!" are paying too much attention to the polls. Do they think Trump can't win against Hillary? That dessicated harpy from hell?

* * *

Fun Hillary Clinton fact: "Dessicated Harpy from Hell" is the name of her new designer perfume. (What do you expect? She's completely tone-deaf and hasn't got a romantic bone in her body.)

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