atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5256: When was the last time I bought myself a new shirt?

I'm not talking, "When was the last time I got a new shirt," but when was the last time I bought one for myself?

It's been a good long time--like years. Like "before I was married".

I went to K-Mart today for Pepsi (thinking they'd have it on sale, as their flyer claimed, but of course they were out) and while I was there I decided to see if they had any short-sleeve henleys. That's where I've bought all my henleys, and today they did not disappoint; I bought tree of them for the princely sum of $10 each. Which is good, because most of my henleys have threadbare collars or other problems. Now I've got three new ones I can wear outside the house.

Anyway, it's a win for me, buying new clothing that's not needed specifically for work. Amazing.

* * *

Part of making the cost of electricity "necessarily skyrocket" is getting rid of coal. This is exactly what Democrats want; they couldn't care less how much electricity costs because they'll be able to afford it regardless. The small people, the people who aren't superrich politicians (but I repeat myself), they'll be freezing in the dark.

* * *

Is rail traffic down? Rail traffic is an excellent proxy for the economic health of the country. Trains don't blow their horns passing through the Fungal Vale any longer, so I've no idea.

* * *

Incidentally, what is this nonsense about "limited" uranium? But yeah, you can get all kinds of useful materials from seawater, if you're not too worried about how economically viable it is. But there's uranium literally all over the earth, and in higher concentrations than you'll find in seawater; if you really need it, you can get it.

And that's ignoring the fact that we can also use thorium. And plutonium. And-- There's all kinds of energy we can extract from various power metals. And by the time we start running low on them we'll probably have cracked fusion.

I mean, come on!

* * *

Exercise appears to be bad for international progressives of all stripes. At least, if they have some dirt on Hillary Clinton....

* * *

Why Trump has the delegates no one else does.

* * *

It's coming, sooner than you think. Robotically-made fast food will displace low-skilled labor.

* * *

The worker's paradise!

* * *

Well, he would.

* * *

I bet it only costs a thousand dollars an hour. Removing a broken tap from something "really, really expensive".

* * *

So, of course you remember Big Dick by Little Big, right?

Well, here we have the same song, with different words, as found by Mrs. Fungus.

My dick, is big--great, now I'll have that stuck in my head for a week.


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