atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#525: Jeep Stereo

...Pioneer, from work. *sigh*

50 watts per channel, RCA outputs for remote amplifiers, and more audio controls than I think I really need. But it sounds pretty good.

The left-rear speaker--which sounded muddy with the factory head unit--sounds perfect with the new one. The left-front speaker, which made no noise whatsoever with the factory unit, was equally silent with the new one.

After a long and laborous process I traced the short to the wire that actually connects the speaker to the vehicle's wiring harness. It's a "last six inches" problem, but I couldn't figure out if the problem was in the wire, the plug, or the speaker's socket.

I managed to bend the wire around the back of the speaker so that it would work; I bolted the speaker back in and pounded on the door repeatedly, and it didn't quit. I know it's a half-ass repair but I don't particularly want to cut up the wiring harness until and unless I know that's what it is. I could probably solder wires directly to the speaker and find a way to patch them in, but I'll probably see if I can't order the correct connector from Jeep and splice it in.

* * *

Gun control doesn't work.


Guns are banned in England, and now gun crimes have doubled. Making them more illegal didn't work, did it?

And most of these crimes are committed by children, people under 18, who--even if guns were legal in England--would not be allowed to own guns.

Today's Chicago Sun-Times has yet another column by Jesse Jackson calling for more gun control in the US. Maybe Jesse Jackson ought to move to England and see how he fares.

* * *


Nothing new to report. It's 11 AM on Tuesday morning and I worked all night, then came home and worked on the Jeep's sound system. I'm tired and heading for bed.

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