atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5257: If it can blow your hand off, it's not a "firecracker"

Dog finds hand blown off by dynamite. Quote from article: "The Chicago Fire Department says a 39-year-old man was injured by a firecracker equivalent to a half-stick of dynamite."

Firecrackers are DOT class 1.4G (what used to be class "C") fireworks. What this guy was mucking with was, in fact, DOT class 1.1D, "blasting explosives".

But of course Fireworks Are Dangerous And Must Be Banned.

* * *

TSA, for all your jackbooted thug needs!
So, short form: a 19-year old woman with a brain tumor, deaf, partially blind, partially paralyzed and easily confused, was beaten bloody by the TSA (with some help by the local PD) in Memphis. Why? Because she was easily confused and didn’t understand why they wanted to run her through the scanner again. Hannah’s mother was *not* allowed to explain to the TSA agents what the story was; instead Hannah was hauled off to the hoosegow.
Yep, TSA, making travel safe again, one teenaged cancer patient at a time!

I bet those men all feel proud of themselves, standing up for safety and security by tackling a 19-year-old disabled woman and beating the crap out of her. After all, she could have been a dangerous terrorist in disguise, which more than justifies what they did to her!


I do have to wonder how those tough guys would react to a real security threat who pulled a gun and started shooting? Would they be so eager to tackle him, or would they shit their pants and hide? How far does their bravery extend when it comes to subduing the unruly? Would they be so brave if their victim was three hundred pounds of muscle with a firearm? Or is that treatment reserved for 19-year-old girls who are physically incapable of protecting themselves (let alone understand what, exactly, is happening)?

* * *

Sun's been blank for nine days and counting. The unusually cool weather over the past few days is coincidental.

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