atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5259: It's Independence Day! Let's stay inside and watch movies for six hours!

Uh, no.

Last night, encouraged by the brush wars taking place all around, I lit a few fireworks. The first I lit while I was scrounging around in the garage, trying to find a piece of metal tubing which which I could repair my rocking chair. As I scrounged I came across a lighter, and I looked at the stack of mortars salvaged from the house Og was cleaning in December, and it was the work of a moment to get a shell and a mortar, and go out into the back yard and light it.

Later, while cooking dinner, I lit some firecrackers and tossed them into the back yard. And I lit some ground bloom flowers. And a single roman candle.

...not as extravagant as some years, but I didn't want to go nuts since Mrs. Fungus was still at work.

* * *

Oh, dick! Mrs. Fungus has declared a litter emergency. Apparently the cat box is smelly. I will go rectify this and return shortly.

This commercial break has been brought to you by Glint! (tm) Pet litter, exfoliant, and sugar substitute of the STARS!!!

* * *

But soon we shall repair hence to celebrate the founding of our once-great nation.

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