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#5265: About the worst possible place

The dishwasher is leaking, all right. It's leaking on the left side of the tub, at the water inlet.

Part cost: $140 plus shipping. Because you have to replace the whole tub.

I'm going to get some of that epoxy putty, that stuff that comes in a tube and you mash it around to mix it up, then smash it around what you're trying to mold. I'm hoping that will be sufficient to seal the leak. Because if it's not, then we're looking at $140 plus shipping plus God alone knows how many frustrating hours while I take all the parts off the old tub and put it on the new one.

Beats buying a new dishwasher, I suppose.

The thing that really hurts about all this is that I can't test it where I can see the damned leak all that well. The water supply hose isn't long enough. So I'll try replacing the rubber hose first (the one that runs from the valve to the inlet) then the epoxy putty trick, and then--if all else fails--replace the tub.

Argh etc.

* * *

Any piston engine can be converted to run on steam or another working fluid like compressed air. Kind of neat.

* * *

"New research explains why Antarctic sea ice has grown"--you mean, like the fact that solar activity is weaker than we've seen it in a very long time, and Earth is therefore cooling? No, of course not! The cause is global warming!

* * *

Jailbreak your Kindle. I think my Kindle is no longer able to be upgraded. I haven't used it since May of 2013 when Mrs. Fungus got me the Nook, anyway. So I suppose I could jailbreak it for fun. Once I get the other 40,000 things on my "to do" list taken care of.

* * *

So, American citizens can now be blown up by drones without trial. So if you have someone inconvenient, just send in the drones!
Police claim that continuing the negotiations was pointless and attempting to capture him would have put officers at risk. He was supposedly shooting. While no sane person wants police officers to be killed, risk is something we are told they willingly accept when they sign up for police duty. There are plenty of low-risk jobs out there.

* * *

Cosmopolitan elites like to kid themselves about their love of universal rights and the common good, but it is total nonsense. Just take a look at their strongholds. These people talk like MLK, but they live like the KKK or like a KKK fantasy world. Our elites live in hyper-white exclusive communities. Many are gated and walled. Often, they have their own private security forces. A modern college community, for example, operates almost like an autonomous zone with their own government and police.

On the college campus, just like in the elite neighborhoods, minorities are decorations, not parts of the community. professor Boobingu from Ghana is not there for his intellectual contributions. He’s there as a decoration so the white people can feel good about diversity. On the home front, guys like Tyler Cowen get to visit the ethnic restaurants in your neighborhood or maybe in the Potemkin "arts section" near the campus, but he is not living anywhere near the people who work in that ethnic restaurant.
The last thing the elites want is for actual minorities to live near them. No, that kind of thing is for the proles, not for them. Those proles are all racist assholes and deserve to have diversity forced on them, but of course the elites are above things like racism and would never judge someone by the color of his OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT BLACK MAN OVER THERE SOMEONE CALL THE SECURITY GUARDS--


* * *

As for me, after I finished figuring out what the dishwasher needs (and realizing I can't get any of it tonight) I washed the dishes by hand and made a pot of chili. That chili will be done in another ten minutes. Yeah.

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