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#5269: Oh...well, then.

Decided to leave that last post to stand on its own and do the linkaround here.

...but it got that way because my errands are done. I was able to accomplish everything that needed doing right here at my desk, with the telephone. I did not, as I had feared, have to drive to Joliet (an hour each way, about) to make a partial payment of the property taxes; and once that task was done I was able to get everything else attended to quickly. Tomorrow I get to spend a few hours at a Toyota dealership while the recalls get done on Mrs. Fungus' car, something we've been putting off for so long that one recall notice has her old name and address on it, from before she was Mrs. Fungus.

But that's okay! I have been reading the anthology of Barsoom novels I got lo these many months ago, and have made it to The Chessmen of Mars; having just started that story I will sit in the noisy and uncomfortable waiting room at the dealership and read. It'll be fine.

* * *

This woman needs not to be in public office, that's for sure. A California councilwoman is saying that the cops in Dallas who got shot by black racists deserved what they got.

* * *

This was part of the game plan all along. Obamacare wasn't meant to bring affordable health insurance to the masses; it was meant to be an unholy mess, a dumpster fire of epic proportions, specifically so that Democrats could say that we needed to fully socialize the medical system.

Obama also needs to be de-elected soonest.

* * *

After pulling US troops out of Iraq, suddenly:
The United States will send 560 more troops to Iraq to help establish a newly retaken air base as a staging hub for the long-awaited battle to recapture Mosul from Islamic State militants, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Monday on an unannounced visit to the country.
560 more troops. How many are there now? Why are they there? What will the new troops do? What "bridging" technology do we have that is so arcane that a reasonably intelligent man can not be trained to use it in an afternoon?

* * *

Okay, the Dallas shooter was dangerous to police. Does that mean they were justified in sending a proto-Dalek in to exterminate him? Somehow I doubt it. They probably, with patience, could have captured the man alive, without blowing him up. But police don't do that any longer; if anyone resists arrest, they simply kill him. It's easier, and it's not like anyone goes to jail for it.

Chicago Boyz compares America in 2016 to Weimar Germany. Violence is a tool of the left. In fact, it's their favorite tool. Violence gets them what they want, very quickly, without all that pesky voting and stuff. It's even better if the violence is caused by people not connected with them except idiologically, so that way they can deplore it publicly while rubbing their hands with glee and not letting a good crisis go to waste.

These two links may be related.

* * *

I have found that if I make spinach dip using a Knorr vegetable dip packet, sour cream, chopped spinach, and mayo, I like it quite a bit. If I buy the spinach dip pre-made, I do not like it at all.

The nice thing about this stuff is that it's actually fairly low-carb but for the crackers or chips used to convey it from bowl to mouth. Sour cream, mayo, spinach--all this stuff is good for you, better than a bowl of popcorn or pasta.

...all those years of "common sense" that I'm having to unlearn. I still cringe reflexively when contemplating fettucini alfredo, until I realize that sauce is the best thing for you! The noodles are the bad part!

* * *

It's stinkinously hot outside today. We woke up at 10 AM and I stuck my nose outside around 11, and promptly pulled it back inside. I have other things that want doing, but I don't have to do them right now; I'm going to relax a bit and do something fun.

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