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#5271: Well, that's all done, just in time for work tomorrow. *whimper*

Got three recalls done on Mrs. Fungus' car, and got my ears lowered, finally. I've been wanting to do the latter for weeks.

"Three": besides the power window master switch (which could catch fire) and some steering column wiring (which could catch fire) apparently there was a reflash for the ECM for some reason or another that the service writer really couldn't explain to me. (So I Googed it; it's something about "smart stop technology" which apparently cuts engine power if both throttle and brake are applied at the same time. No burnouts with this car!) They offered to replace the battery and positive battery cable, rotate the tires, change the plugs, and cabin air filter for a pittance ($780-ish) and I declined.

IDK what's up with the battery cable; I'll check that a little later. They said "there's some corrosion on it" but $5 says it's just normal cruft.

The service writer told me "three hours" but it was closer to 1.5, and I stopped at SuperCuts for my semiannual haircut. Mrs. Fungus prefers my hair long, but I do not; still, I generally defer to her preferences. But if I'm going to be job-hunting I want to be neatly trimmed.

None of the waiting mattered; I'm still trying to finish The Chessmen of Mars. After that I have a handful of other Barsoom novels, through number 10, Llana of Gathol; I think I'm issing volume 7, but I'm not certain.

Regardless, I'll get there when I get there.

* * *

Behold the glorious workers' paradise, Venezuela!

* * *

Synthetic marajuana is bad for you. It really is.

* * *

I was looking at the manga I drew in the past and found a few panels which were genuinely good, and made me wish that I knew how to draw. Argh etc.

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