atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5273: It's very important that we avoid backlash against muslims.

It's most important that we not jump to conclusions about the motivation of the Tunisian driver of the truck-of-death.

Maybe he just watched Death Race 2000 too many times or something.

He's probably a white Republican Christian.

How did he get a truckload of guns and grenades in France, which severely curtails private ownership of weaponry? SHUT UP, HITLER!

* * *

THIS. Want to move to Canada if Trump wins? Why not Mexico, you racist?

* * *

Replace your C-64's 6510a with an Atmel microcontroller. That's pretty firkin' cool.

* * *

Driving home from work tonight--with my severely truncated hair, I could have the windows open without having to constantly pull the hair out of my eyes. Had the cell phone running Pandora, and listened to 70's and 80's rock all the way home.

It was very, very nice. Some small compensation for a day's worth of stupidity.

To be honest I didn't have that bad of a day today. The best part was the drive home, though. I found out that my new supervisor averages two days a week in the office--wouldn't you love to have that schedule? What the fuck.

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