atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#5276: Well, that was unusual.

So today I, sitting in my new pod, had a day where no one bothered me and I was able just to sit and do my work at my own pace, uninterrupted, no dickheads nano-managing my login process, nothing. Just me, my phone, my computer, and nine hours of work. The calls were fairly decent, too. No idiots. Got out almost on the dot, too.

About time I had a decent day at that shithole.

I looked over the ten commitments again, too, and discovered that nine of them are false. The only one that's consistently upheld is the one about teams having designated areas where they sit. Agents understanding their pay? Equipment and resources being maintained in good working order? Monthly performance reviews? Weekly coachings? Agents getting help when they need it? Team meetings at least every week? Agents' schedules aligned with their supervisors? Escalating as far as necessary to ensure these commitments are met? Not so much. (I'm still missing one. The "training" one from yesterday was not, in fact, one of the commitments.)

It's kind of funny to look at that list and think about it. "Pulling all floor support" is violating the "help agents" one. I've never had a performance review. For the most part, the only coachings I've had have been critical ones, such as when I failed a survey. I haven't been to a team meeting in three weeks. I haven't met my new supervisor yet, who apparently works about two days a week. When I moved to this pod I had to fix my headset, and I've had to reboot my computer about three times a day since April due to problems with the system. I don't know how much is deducted from my paycheck for my health insurance and I've no idea how to find out. And since management is largely the source of all this, there's no escalating.

* * *

FBI rules out homophobia as a cause for the islamic terror attack in Orlando. No news yet on what could possibly have been the motivation for such a terrible act.

* * *

Global warming is causing rising sea levels and a huge increase in Antarctic ice. So: sea level is rising because ice is melting all over the world, but in the Antarctic more ice is forming, and it's all happening because of global warming.

* * *

Illinois is a shithole. It's broke and it's a shithole.

* * *

I can't believe it's finally my Friday night. I'm tired.

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