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#527: Blogroll

Periodically I look over the options for Livejournal and try to figure out ways to make things look a little more interesting, and to change some of the bits and pieces around. Unfortunately, I can count the ranks I have in the "Craft (Web page)" skill with my thumbs. And that's including the INT modifier.

If I ever decide to make the switch to the domain, that may change a bit; it leans more towards blogging and away from angsty whining, which is the primary export of But I'm used to Livejournal and I understand its idiosyncracies, so I'm hesitant. (Even though Pixy Misa is doing a bang-up job of creating a flexible and powerful blog site. I just can't recognize a Good Thing when I see it, I guess.)

One of the things that Livejournal lacks is the ability to put up a page of links--you're expected to form communities and let the LJ site software generate that for you. I've been trying to think of a way to do it, and the only one I can come up with is adding a bit of "boilerplate" to each entry with a set of links to "blogroll" and WTF-ever else.

But here's the list of bloggers who'd be on my blogroll, if I had one, which currently I do not:

Ambient Irony
Chaos Manor
Nautical Dawn
Twenty Sided
Wonderduck's Pond

These are the ones I look at every day. In general, if I bother to remember who you are and where you are, I read you every day. There's so much out there in the blog-o-sphere that I filter everything hard and the stuff that doesn't make the cut is mercilessly ignored. (And as Theodore Sturgeon said, "90% of everything is crap." God I miss Theodore Sturgeon.)

Not exactly a blog, but a good site: Bob Pease, who talks about a lot of interesting things, mostly electronic in nature. He's a real electrical engineer, through and through, and smart. I wish my brain worked as well as his does.

Not exactly a blog, but fun: Gaijin Smash, in which a big black American man tells anecdotes about his life in Japan. Always entertaining. (But the most recent entry discusses the first time he masturbated. Oh well.) Sample text: "To all of you rare/medium-rare lovers who are just busting at the bit to tell me how I'm "ruining" the "essence" of the steak: fuck you. Well-done steak is the reason why God invented fire. I'm also sure that God put cows on this Earth for us to eat them. Otherwise, he would not have made them so stupid and delicious." Awesome.

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