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#5279: Today was quirky.

First off, let me say I managed to get to work on time despite everything, so it doesn't really matter all that much. But the traffic was terrible, and it only got worse when it began to rain (approx "monsoon") and by the time I got to work I wasn't sure whether I was coming or going.

Get to my desk and the headset was gone. Argh.

Well, it was a pretty decent day all told, though, and I had one guy who was minimally dickish. Not sure where this is going, but I guess I can't complain too much.

* * *

Scientists still can't find the luminiferous aether dark matter.

* * *

Sexism! But it's okay because it's sexism against men! And it's the DNC!

* * *

The problem with your faith in global warming is that reality does not agree with your religion. So when you set out to prove that global warming is happening by taking a cruise through the Arctic Sea, you may have some trouble with impassable sea ice even in boreal summer. Even if your belief states that there is no ice up there, because Global Warming.

Also, idiots.

* * *

I cannot wait to see the "positioning" for this one. Short form: $Major_Telecom is about to cut off unlimited data babies who use more than 100 GB per month.

Now, here's the thing: I don't blame them. As is pointed out in the article, a single line using 100 GB per month is about $450 worth of data, and the 100 GB plan that costs that $450 is meant to be shared among two or more lines. (The unlimited data plan is $50 a month, raised to that level just this year. People on those plans complain about this. That's why they are "unlimited data babies".)

So what's going to happen is, the unlimited data babies who actually use that much data are going to ignore the messages and the warnings, and call in when their data stops working, and pitch a fit over actually having to pay market prices for cellular data. And of course they'll complain about their "contracts" and all the other horseshit, somehow thinking they're smarter than the team of lawyers and accountants $Major_Telecom has at its disposal.

"Positioning" is the call center slave term for how you tell people they can't have what they want. "I do understand and sympathize with your position, Mr. Data Baby, but we can certainly look over your account and find a data plan which will best suit your needs." And so on.

* * *

"I need 150 GB per month! I'm going to go to AT&T if you don't give me what I want!"

"AT&T won't give you 150 GB of data per month for $50, either, shithead." No, you don't say that part.

And incidentally, notice that I had to learn this myself rather than hearing anything from work. Spiffy.

* * *

The economy is failing because there has been no bust cycle since 1921.
A good, old-fashioned, pre-1929 depression (like the short-lived, eleven-month depression in 1920-1921, before the days of "modern" central banking and "enlightened" Keynesian intervention "cures") is the only tonic that can clear out the malinvestment built up since the beginning of the fiat money era. That era began in August of 1971. That is when Richard Nixon, informed that U.S. gold reserves were precipitously declining as a result of President Johnson’s March 1968 action to reduce the gold reserve ratio from 25 percent to zero, "temporarily" suspended the convertibility of the U.S. Dollar into gold. That "temporary" measure has been in effect for forty-five years.
There should have been a depression in the 1970s; the Great Depression would have been shorter if the Keynesians had not gotten involved. Instead, here we are.

Instead we have a depression where none of the banks are allowed to fail, which simply throws good money after bad. And worse.

* * *

Knowledge and reason change like the season.

* * *

So it rained like crazy starting around 9:30 where I was; it rained all the way home, and it rains even now. It was hot today, and tomorrow it is supposed to be hotter.

First time in my career, I'm working somewhere that I'm comfortable. Everyone around me is freezing his ass off, but I'm comfortable.

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